Wednesday, June 11, 2014

When I'm losing again


A shout out to the ladies at 
Try Stampin' on Tuesday
for including this card in their top 3 !!!

Another gorgeous Oregon day !

Still suffering the grass pollen though.  

Last week Eugene hosted the Prefontaine Classic, the most prestigious track meet in the country.  The 100 m sprint included 8 of the top 10 sprinters in the US.

This week Eugene is hosting the NCAA Track and Field Championships, and we have the Junior World Championships coming up around the corner.  Isn't it so odd that Eugene (also known as Track Town USA) has so many fabulous track meets here when we have the pollen count of, say, hell.

Nike Shoes originated right here, with running shoes made from waffle irons sold out of the trunk of a car.  Can you even imagine.

Well, today I am showcasing a card I made for 
a challenge that has been so generous to me.

Here is the sketch ...

and here is my card...

The other day Dom was watching me move shapes around on a card and said

I had no idea you drew out the card ahead of time !

I was using a sketch, as usual, and as he watched further he said

I haven't ever seen you stamp on a card.  So that's how you do it.

Yup, I know, I am amazing, lol.

Here is another Spencer story ...

He wanted a new game for the IPad, but it cost 99 cents, so his mom had to pay for it.  He asked 

How do you put money into an IPad - it's not even human !!

With that, have a wonderful day !!


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