Saturday, July 12, 2014

When things get lonely


Big thank you to the ladies at 
Try Stampin' on Tuesday
who counted this card in their top 3 !!
It has been a really crazy week.  Spencer has been here every day, and today is a much needed rest, on my part.  He told me

I don't need a break - I love coming to your house !

6 year olds just don't understand elderly needs, do they !

Brie spent all week in Lewiston, Idaho, playing in the Pacific Northwest Mid-Am.  It is a match play format - stroke play the first two days, for seeding, (which she won medalist, which made her  No. 1 seed) and then match play until the final match, unless you lose.  She did lose, but not until the finals, so she did quite well !  Her goal in playing this tournament was to accumulate points so she could snag one of two ladies' spots on the coed Oregon team.  It looks as if she has done that now, which made her very happy.  Brie was able to reconnect with some old friends from around the northwest, and meet some new ones !  Golf is just about the only sport I can think of where you can actually carry on long conversations with your competitors, or opponents - and it does make for some great friendships !!

Well, on to today's post which is heading over to

with this sketch ...

This is one I will definitely use over and over !

And, my card ...

Hope you like it !!


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