Friday, June 12, 2015

Just like two balloons


I haven't yet found an INTJ in my readers -
is it possible I don't even have ONE ?

The sketch this week at 

looks like this ...

I turned it on its side to come up with this ...

Last week Spencer told his mom he had to come over here an extra day because 
"Grandma needs my company..."
So he was here both Saturday and Sunday. 
We are learning about Leonardo da Vinci, and so we did some drawing, and, because Leonardo wrote many of his notes backwards, we did some backwards writing.  Spence caught onto that really fast !

While we were doing that I asked Spencer

What do you think Pop is doing outside ?

and he said

Let's not get involved 

and of course that cracked me up completely.

He is in all the Talented and Gifted "clubs" at school, and his science teacher told
Jason that Spencer made a boat that never sank, although all the other boats did, and they actually ran out of room to put on any more weight.  Considering he is only in 1st grade, and the club goes up to 5th grade, we were pretty impressed.

Here is a photo of 
Spencer at Epcot ...


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Maybe I'm too busy ...


Thank you once again to the fine ladies at Try Stampin' or not On Tuesday
for including this card in their top three !!

Hey hey !  Any one out there who is an INTJ personality ?  I know female INTJs are less than 1% of the population, so I am hoping I will have found at least one in my readers.

This week's sketch at

looks like this ...

I didn't go too far afield here, just a little bit ...

Nice simple little guy.  Hope you like it !!