Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2S4Y - Kazan49

A simple lovely sketch at 2 Sketches 4 You this week. However, I didn't manage to keep it as simple as the sketch was, alas.

Made this card for one of Dom's coworkers. She drove herself to the hospital while having a heart attack. I was saving the pretty bling for someone special.

Have a great evening! I think three posts in one day is enough, how about you ...

365 Cards - all mixed up

Oh Pam Pam Pam - another extremely difficult challenge at 365 cards.

I quote Take an image (digi, stamp, etc.) and break it down into thirds - 1/3 no color, 1/3 patterned paper, 1/3 hand colored (markers, colored pencils, chalks, paint, etc.).

This was such a bear since I don't use stamps very often except really small ones, or ones with words, like happy birthday. Couldn't fulfill the challenge that way.

So I found a b & w photo from the internet (Smashing Magazine). I ended up making an illusion of sorts. The photo is about 4.5" x 5.5". I cut the paper into three pieces, around the trees and the tire marks. (1/3 patterned paper) I filled in the trees and tire marks with black pen. (1/3 hand colored) And I left the sky gray. (1/3 nothing)

It appears as if the sky is glued to the background, but it is actually lifted from the card with foam tape, as is the rest of the photo.

This is one of the reasons why I do 365 Cards almost every day. I can think about things a different way, and sometimes it is hard to do that. It is like real life, seeing things from a totally new perspective instead of what we have assumed was the truth all our lives. Sometimes that shakes us up, sometimes it makes us stronger, sometimes we are on the losing end.

Argh mateys.

The Shabby Tea Room 3

New blog, The Shabby Tea Room, and is it completely darling, and giving away really great stuff. Have a peek !

Their challenge requirement this week is scraps. Pretty darned easy, huh. Who doesn't have boxes and cabinets full of scraps !! And little pieces of things we have cut up and tried out, experiments with our new toys, teeny pieces of ribbon. I confess, I have way more of this than I should, and I am still so new to this craft !

AND those packages have a zillion pearls instead of just one or two, and you will have them forever and ever.

Have a great day !

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blogger trivia

Kristina gave me this lovely Ms Bright Side award !! But with it come obligations. First, name ten things that make me happy, and then 5 pieces of trivia, then pass it along to 5 more bloggers.

Happy ??

1. My husband, Dom, who does so many wonderful things for me.
2. My incredible daughter, Brie.
3. My fabulous son-in-law Jason.
4. My goofy grandson, Spencer.
5. Good food to eat at the end of a day.
6. A cozy bed.
7. A big huge craft room stuffed to the gills with well, STUFF.
8. Breakfast at Shari's on a stormy morning.
9. Laughing with my buddies.
10. Christmas !!!

Trivia ??

1. I have an enormous (well 250 + ) collection of vintage lunch boxes.
2. I have spent thousands upon thousands upon thousands of hours at golf courses. As part of the Oregon Golf Association I have volunteered at a skillion golf tournaments, from junior golf to high school state tournaments to professional tournaments, both men's and women's. The past 15 or so years I have worked at the scoreboards, doing computer input, and marking scores.
3. I can read faster than anyone I know.
4. Every night I am not on vacation I play Word Racer on Yahoo, and have for about 12 years. I am pretty darned good, but not the best ! (If you like Boggle, and you can type fast, you would love it.)
5. The best employment I ever had was working as a college instructor in the business department. My favorite classes to teach were Excel and Advanced Excel. I embarrass myself with how excited I can get over a computer software program. (Microsoft should put me on tv, I would put any product spokesperson to shame.)

I will pass this on to my some of my fellow bloggers at 365 Cards - they work hard every day, and are so gracious and kind! (Plus I would love to know more about them all.)

Michelle And if someone else sees this award and thinks it might be fun, please take it for yourself and pass it on !!

365 Cards - in pieces

Is this the story of your life, all summed up in an ice cream scoop - sometimes I feel that way ! Especially after I do something completely stupid.

So, maybe a "feel better" card or maybe even a "sorry I am such a dork" card - hey I can use both of those thoughts !

365 Cards wanted us to do something with pieces. This was pretty fun, and actually easy (for a change - that blog is tough on us card makers !!!) and very simple.

Gosh, wish I had some ice cream . . .

Monday, March 29, 2010

Hanging with 365 Cards

365 Cards
wanted us to use this saying, Hang in There. Not something I say very often, but I guess I do or could occasionally.

First thoughts though, vacation ! Boy, does Dom love vacation. So this card is another one for him, hoping he will last through the week of long hours at work, and thinking about all the fun we will have on vacation !

Camping ? Not so much. But you know, I didn't have any paper with luxurious suites above the Oregon coast, watching the sea lions and surfers from a cozy room, logs burning in the fireplace, and HEY , some chai tea ! So I had to do camping as a theme. Now, that is not "distress" on that card, it is good old Oregon dirt, everything a camping trip is made of. YUK. Not for me.

Second thoughts on Hang in There - on vacation through the Oregon Cascade mountains, or the Sierra Nevadas, or the Siskiyous. I just might have to have a little zanax climbing those puppies, sometimes no guardrails on the sides. Up so high, no one would find us for months if we had a little slip off the side. So, I whisper to myself, Hang in There. (Picture Brick of In The Middle, muttering under his breath.) Then I put a blackout mask over my eyes, turn up the IPOD, snuggle under my car blankie and pretend I am somewhere else.

Enough already, someone cooked me lobster and wild rice for dinner, the rain is pelting the windows, off for a lovely evening...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

365 Cards - 8 elements

Wow, what a tough one today at 365 Cards - 8 elements, touching at least two other elements. I don't know just exactly how many I actually have, but I am certain it is at least 8, well maybe ? Ok, I am sure now.

Dom actually found the paper - yup, he thumbs through them at the scrap or craft shop, very artistic and creative guy himself.

One real fun thing about cards is that you can use patterns and colors you would never dream of having in your home, or wearing. I have looked at all these beautiful papers and bling for so long, and WANTED them, and I admit, buying a thing or two hoping someday to use it. Now, making all these cards for all these challenges (and my friends!) I can make them into something. Isn't it fun to have a place to share them all too ??

Happy Saturday to you all !

Friday, March 26, 2010

365 Cards - Recipe

Happy Friday !

365 Cards gave us a recipe today
5 x 5 card
2 squares
3 circles
a sentiment
a ribbon
And boy are they strict too ! No deviations.

I wasn't sure if you could put a bow on the ribbon, or if you could distress, so I kept it simple. Afterward I looked at the picture of the roses and realized it looks as if that has two circles, but it is all one piece, so I figured that counts as only one.

I like the odd shaped cards. I don't worry about using a regular envelope, there are nice manila ones out there that fit almost everything, 6" x 9" if I am mailing. I will make my own envelopes if I am hand delivering (which is what I mostly do anyway). If I am able to stuff them in a regular card envelope, I use a nice fat ribbon and bow around instead of sealing.

But this one will go somewhere that will surprise him. No envelope needed. A thank you for the Starbucks mocha and onion bagel he left for me this morning. Yum.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

365 Days - dec brads

Easy assignment today at 365 Cards, just a fancied up brad. I put some stickles on the pink brads, and hey - I can actually find a good use for them now! They weren't something I would normally use, but a little glitter brought them a real home.

The card today is oversized, I dunno why. Also dunno why I chose Paris as a theme, as I have never been there (except to France at Epcot !) and probably never will. However, I did have the little Paris charm in my stash, and found the Eiffel Tower card, a fleur de lis punch and brad so I guess I just thought France.

There is some texture here that doesn't really show up - the top paper is flocked, and the one beneath is lightly embossed.

I read a book about the history of the Eiffel Tower earlier in the year, and what an amazing story about the building of it. I had always wondered how the elevators worked in such an oddly shaped tower, now I know ! After its erection it was quite the social place to be seen, with its promenade and fancy restaurants.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

OCC 10 Easter AND 365 Cards 10

I combined two challenges here, which I do not do very often.

365 Cards
asked for ten different patterned papers on the card. That isn't easy ! But it is a great way to be rid of little scraps you otherwise couldn't bear to toss.

OCC is doing an Easter card this week. I came across this little advertising card that included an Easter greeting, and I knew I had to use it somehow. You can barely see the little Easter sentiment.

Growing up in Vancouver BC, and Seattle, and now living here in Oregon for so many years, I cannot recall a single Easter Sunday that wasn't a Pooh blustery day. All the cute new outfits are rain soaked, (if one can even see them beneath the winter coats) and the outdoor egg hunts are always canceled.

Dom suggested we do an outdoor egg hunt for Spencer this year, but I only laughed. I think I am the only one who can predict Easter Sunday's weather with complete accuracy. Meantime, everyone is buying the Easter bonnets to wear with their woolen scarves. They will all be surprised, but I will be very all-knowing and will refrain from "I told you so." (I will say it in my heart tho'.)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

365 Cards - Stencil

A stencil requirement is in the entry at 365 Cards.

I haven't looked at a stencil in a very long time, and I am certain I purged them all from my supplies. So I had to make my own, which is why there are hearts all over the background.

The paper is showing up here looking mighty pink, but it actually is brown and green. I put a bunch of different shades of green together.

Have a great day!

2S4Y - Laura48

I don't think I have used this color combination before, but I really like it. Celebrate cards are kinda like wish cards - good for whatever.

The flower I made, and the sentiment I printed out from Word onto vellum.

I also liked the sketch, I think I will use this one again too. This one goes out to 2 Sketches 4 You.

Now, off to get some work done before I take Rufina to get her cataract fixed. You know, I think I might have the perfect card for her that I made last week !

Monday, March 22, 2010

Cinema Saturday #71

Wish cards are good for almost everything ! I need to have a few more....

13 Going on 30 is the movie at Cinema Saturday.

The colors are of the 80's, and the stars, well wish and stars go together don't they ! Not to mention wishing one were older, (egads, not me) which is the basis of this story of waking up in an older body. The shiny stars are a tribute to the disco ball.

Have a wonderful week !

OCCSC 7 - 2nd entry

I really liked the sketch at OCCSC this week, and this is my 2nd entry because I really did not do it justice the first time around.

The heart and flower I made myself, and I cut around the emboss so it would stand by itself.

I liked this second effort much better.

This was the first time I tried liquid pearls, aren't they pretty. And easy !

Sunday, March 21, 2010

365 Cards - Sunday sketch, flowers

365 Cards has their Sunday sketch today, here is my take on it.

The paper made me think of a fence, or a folding screen.

And that completes my whole week of 365 cards, a goal I wasn't certain I could actually make.

I like the idea of a new challenge every day, new ideas, new thoughts, new goals. Sort of like real life, huh. Hopefully, new growth.

Have a wonderful Sunday ! Enjoy your family, laze around, eat something exotic. (And by exotic I mean something you would never touch, like a cinnamon roll !) Dom is glued to March Madness, and Michael's is having a great sale, Spencer is on the way over, it will be a good day.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

365 Cards - some noise, OCCSC 7

I have been crafting for a very long time, and boy do I have "stuff" as Spencer says. Lace and ribbons and buttons - I must have some bells ! Can you believe, over 30 years, and I have but one teeny bell to add to this card.

365 Cards asks for some noise today, ok, here is a little teeny bit.

I used the sketch at OCC, but I liked the sketch so much I may do another entry.

The buttons are wooden ones I painted over ten years ago, and the flower is a gift tag rip-off. This is not the card I had in mind when I began, and I tried about fifty different ribbons, lace, buttons and finally said enough.

Now, off to clean the craft room, and reorganize. I don't wanna, but I need to do it, maybe I will find some more bells.

Friday, March 19, 2010

365 Cards - cotton

What makes us think of cotton ? That was the question posed to us today by 365 Cards.

For me it is bed and summer sheets. Alas, I am allergic to everything , so cotton plays a large part in my life. (Hey how can you be allergic to trees, grass, flowers and NOT allergic to cotton, I just thought of that.) Hmmm.

A hmmm sort of day all around.

You know, no one makes a stamp that says "have a nice nap" or I would have used it...

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Pale yellow, pale pink and medium pink are the color challenges at Play Date Cafe this week. Another toughy one, I think. Ok ok, they hardly ever come easy for me.

First off, the image, which I got at Art-e-ology
a freebie, who doesn't love that ! Jamie has a free one every Tuesday, and she has a wonderful archive for all the old ones. I downloaded it into Word, and then colored the picture pinky yellow.
That was pretty easy, and it turned out just how I had hoped.

Used a bunch of Stickles all over, and had the sentiment from a left over batch I had printed from Word, on pink vellum. I really liked this card - but who to send it to ? Dom has 6 sisters, and one sis-in-law, so maybe ???

I haven't really found my own style yet, or maybe I really mean I am just trying out lots of different things. Love the vintage, but love the clean look, but is it me ? Oh the questions, the questions...

365 Cards - so many patterns !

Some people did really really well on this challenge, and some felt they had so many choices ! Me ? Not so much...

365 Cards: 3 of 5 different patterns, paisley, gingham, plaid, toile and houndstooth. Now, I believe I have enough paper for about 10,000 or more cards, but I knew I didn't have toile or houndstooth. Well, I only needed three, right ?

Wow. I went through every book, every page, and finally every scrap, every ribbon, every stamp, even looked for digital. I did have ONE gingham (how have I managed without it ?) but it was really crummy paper, and the print looked as if it had been stretched and left out in the rain. The plaid and paisley were just a little easier, but matching all three in colors, well not gonna happen.

I did think I may need to make a trip to the craft shop, but then I got stubborn. Imagine. By golly I was going to make this work. So, here is the result. It "worked" sorta kinda - I am hoping all the dots make you pay attention to that, and not so much that dumb gingham. Next time I will make my own.

Now I need a nap.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Twinchies at 365 Cards, and JUGS 24

365 Cards tells me that a twinchie is a 2x2 decorated card stock addition, and the requirement today ! I made the green flower and added some diamond Stickles and a sentiment to the pink card stock. Basic Grey paper is tough to find around here (though I finally ordered some over the internet) and I want to hang on to it, but I did give up a wee bit up for this card.

I am not a girly girl, definitely, but when I make a card like this I can almost feel what that must be like !

Also, my first attempt at a flap card, which is the JUGS challenge this week. I am going to make some more of these - they are so pretty, and easy too!

A couple shout-outs today - the flower thanks to Tracy and Kristina, I know I mentioned them yesterday, but I am so tickled with this new skill I just gotta say it once again.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cinema Saturday #70

The movie challenge this week at Cinema Saturday is just a little bit easier than the last few have been. The only requirement was a map. Phew.

Dear Frankie is the story of a boy who thinks he is writing letters to his father, but when his ship comes in, oops, Mum has to find a man willing to play the part.

I think this was on Roger Ebert's top ten movies of the year five years ago - that is probably how I managed to see it back then.

365 Cards - opposites

Old/young - those are opposites, right ? 365 Cards is looking for exactly that today. I had a couple different ideas, but then went with the one that made me laugh. So the end results, the outside, and the inside of my "granny" card.

Rufina has been my bestest friend for a hundred years, well, maybe only since our daughters were in the 3rd grade. And now they are 30 !

Then, we became grandmas only 6 weeks apart. What are the chances that would happen ! How fun to be able to share all that baby shopping, and baby sitting, and googoo stories with your best friend, experiencing it all for the very first time too.

We aren't quite the old grans yet, but maybe not quite the rockers we once were...

Crafty creations #58

I swear, sometimes that camera has a mind of its own, or maybe it is the card with the bad mojo, I dunno. 28 tries, and this was the best I could do, alas.

Crafty Creations
has a hand made flower challenge today. I made this from regular card stock, although the directions specifically said use Bazzill paper. Well, I didn't have any on hand that very minute, but it turned out ok.

Check out Kristina's flower, much better than mine. BUT, I will keep trying, and I obeyed the directions and bought the right paper now. When I saw her flower I was totally blown away, it looks as if she had just plucked it from the garden. And be sure to look at Tracy's blog and tutorial if you like the flower.

Now, on to other challenges !

Monday, March 15, 2010

365 Cards - Monday

Today's visit to 365 Cards had everyone else thinking spring and Easter.

Not a spring kinda gal myself, if it crosses my mind it is only because I hate giving up all my fleecy sheets, blankets, sweats.

So to add to my birthday stash of ONE card, that is the way I went. Really like the blue and green together.

I would love to see a challenge that makes each of us use our living room, great room, or kitchen as an inspiration. (Except I must be running out of green paper by now ! Everything is green at my house...)

And now I am merely muttering to myself... Have a great week !

Sunday, March 14, 2010

365 Cards - Sunday sketch

365 Cards, Sunday Sketch.

Simple card - the sketch was not too tough today. Thank goodness, as I entered most days this week and my brain is a wee frazzled.

Grandson Spencer is on his way to spend the day, while his mom and dad play golf. He will probably want to go to McDonald's, watch Baby Mozart, do some puzzles, build some high towers, go to the playground, watch the Puppy Bowl on the computer, take a walk and talk talk talk. What else does a two year old do ??

He told us last week to find the Puppy Bowl on "" - uh oh. Another computer geek in the making ??

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Hey there ladies over at OCCSC, this is one is for you.

Learned yesterday that you could sand your embossed images, duh me. I liked the pink and white really well, but I have put aside a few other practice tries that I loved, so they will pop out sooner or later.

I also found out about Coredinations, a card stock with a colored core. I didn't use it here, but I will, as the top color is one, and the sanding reveals another.

The green swirly paper is a two sided card stock with different color sides - I thought the embossing made it look like velvet.

Have a great weekend, what remains of it !

Friday, March 12, 2010

365 Days - Circles, and Project Tuesday Hinge

365 Days circle frenzy - at least twenty circles from two different sources.

I combined this with a hinge card from Project Tuesday. I had not done a hinge card yet, obviously, (since all my cards have been posted here) and it was easier than I thought. The one problem was thinking way too much about the hinge part and not enough about the rest of the card. I think I can do better, and I am going to try this again real soon.

I really enjoy the challenges that require some new skill or other ways of thinking, don't you ?

My closest craft store is having scrapbook product demos all afternoon today, so I should put on some shoes and comb my hair. Maybe I will have something interesting and new for tomorrow !
Hobbling off now . . . .

Thursday, March 11, 2010

2S4Y - Laura47

2S4Y gets this submission.

When I first started doing cards (actually Christmas holiday invitations) in December, I told my hub I couldn't imagine doing anything BUT Christmas invitations. I guess I was wrong.

Christmas is my favorite time of year, just as it is for so many others. We do lots of entertaining, parties, luncheons, dinners, and an open house. This year we put up 5 full sized trees, and one four footer, it was gorgeous !

Then, I slipped on an icy walkway, the day before our first seasonal event, our open house. Tore a calf muscle, and poor Dom had to do all the work for all the rest of the season. He cooked, he scrubbed, he decorated, he set each table.

So my holiday card here is appropriate - REJOICE ! He did all the work, I got all the credit.

365 Days - Landscape

365 Days again today, a landscape challenge. All patterned paper. Alas, the snow got the better of this one, in more ways than one !

This is really teeny, only 3" x 3 1/2" - so it was tough all day long ! Whatever possessed me to do something so tiny, argh.

Again, so sorry about the photo, but I tried it a dozen times, and this was the best.

Post Edit - I tried one more photo (ok, 6 more) and got a little better with the small picture. I added the soda can so you can see how itty bitty this was. No wonder my head hurt.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

JUGS 23 Two entries

JUGS 23, a sketch challenge so difficult I had to do it twice ! That is sort of like having to do your homework twice, or your term paper twice, just to be sure you absolutely GET IT.

Hub hated the blue card, the colors were too insipid he thought. So much for buying a huge grab bag at Big Lots for $2.00 - I will try to mix them up better next time.

So the peach and green card - better or not ? I dunno. Sorry you cannot see the little beads on the silver thread, darn, I worked hard on that ! It is really funny how two cards from the same sketch turn out so differently.

And now, Judge Judy ... Have a great evening !

365 Days Wed Orange/Purple/Blue

365 Days
Wacky Color Wednesday.

Hmm, what colors do you think I should have used today ? Hint - they are wacky...

I kinda like them together tho'.

Made the flowers myself, you can almost see the shimmer. My first girly birthday card - the kind I meant to make a couple days ago. Guess I need to compile a few more ! One birthday card is not a good stash...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

365 Days - Tuesday Wonderful World

Louis Armstrong's Wonderful World is today's inspiration over at 365 Days. Not only is this one of my favorites, it also was the song my husband chose for his father-daughter dance at our daughter's wedding. He says he cannot hear it today without a tear. Hey, me either !

How lucky we were to get such a cool son-in-law - he has such a way of making people feel special, and always thinking of how to do just that. Their wedding was incredible, and now some years later we have a grandson - all of it a blessing.

So, that is why I chose to make this card today. And I think I will include a little picture of the beautiful bride who inspired its simplicity. What a wonderful world.

Our Creative Corner Sketch 3/6

Are you like I am ? I have some sort of vague plan for each card, start off in a certain direction, and end up somewhere completely different. This was going to be all about gold (as I can sort of recall) and here I am with just a little trace of gold on the tag.

I guess it is enough that I can manage to follow the sketch . . . . Oh, and it was going to be birthday card too. AND notice how girly it is too. Well, I guess that will be another card.

Happy Tuesday ! And this goes out to Our Creative Corner today.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

365 Days - Sunday sketch

Happy Sunday ! And I am off to spend some time with Spencer, at the book store.

But first, here is today's take on 365 Days sketch. I don't have a sewing machine, and no time today for hand stitches, so took the short cut and embossed some stitching.

Have a great day !

Friday, March 5, 2010

365 Days - Friday

365 Days had a petal card challenge. I actually made mine into a gift card/package. Made a little envelope on the inside and tucked in a gift card, closed it with velcro.

Argh, the bling looks red, but I assure you it really is pink.

The paper is a single piece I bought years ago, 10 cents was marked on it. I don't know what I ever thought I would do with it, but I sure thought it was pretty, and it was printed on both sides. Guess it was just waiting for today to be of some good use.

Have a great weekend !

OCC sketch, PPA32-A, Crafty creations #57

Is this the dreariest card ever ? Hopefully you can see it is NOT a b&w photo - the raindrops are turquoise. I had the most wonderful time creating this - I think I woke up next door neighbor Irene from her nap with all my laughter.

The Debbie Mumm paper had the "rain rain" printed on the bottom, but everything else I hand cut, drew or typed.

And off I go, giggling, as only a true Oregonian can, blessing the rain.

Oh, and this is a Creative Corner Sketch ! And a spring card for Pals Paper Arts, PPA32-A. And a one color challenge card for Crafty Creations #57.

Play Date Cafe 19

Play Date Cafe's yellows and whites - not a difficult challenge at all, and from the entries, goodness, everyone has the most beautiful cards EVER.

I guess daffodils would be a first choice flower for yellow, but daisies, they may be a wee bit common, but what's not to like.

Grandson Spencer always comes to visit on SUNday, a day he believes occurs whenever the sun pops out for a moment, so that would be about once a week. . . . That works.

Yellow, sun, guess that is why I thought of him.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

365 Days - Thursday

A white space challenge today over at 365 Days, and I loved it ! I will have to try a few more white space things, as they are really attractive. Kind of makes me think of old cotton slips.

It must be almost time to do a REAL spring challenge, that is a card all about the rain. We don't have rain here in Oregon in August or Sept, but the rest of the year, well, think of rain forest.

Lewis and Clark spent a winter here in Oregon, and claimed it was most miserable, and only 12 days without rain. All I can think is "lucky them", they got 12 days, I don't ever remember a winter that fine. . . .

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cinema Saturday #68 - Spiderman

Spiderman, what a challenge this was. I almost went the way of the newest story, Peter Parker loses his job, but I couldn't quite put a sentiment to that. Can't seem to get a totally clear picture either, probably reflecting my fuzzy mind after all this effort !

Stop in at Cinema Saturday - the design team did an amazing job of capturing this film.

CQC #22

Colour Q challenge today ! 5 colors, that was tough. My favorite paper though is the blue border beneath the sentiment, see the one with the edging ? That would be a paint sample.

Finally bought a cuttlebug, and cannot wait for all the fun folders and die cuts to arrive. I brought home the cuttlebug, but ordered all the folders on line since Joann's was having a fabulous sale.

Hope to post something this afternoon too - I may have given up on the Spiderman challenge, as I have racked my poor brain over it....