Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blogger trivia

Kristina gave me this lovely Ms Bright Side award !! But with it come obligations. First, name ten things that make me happy, and then 5 pieces of trivia, then pass it along to 5 more bloggers.

Happy ??

1. My husband, Dom, who does so many wonderful things for me.
2. My incredible daughter, Brie.
3. My fabulous son-in-law Jason.
4. My goofy grandson, Spencer.
5. Good food to eat at the end of a day.
6. A cozy bed.
7. A big huge craft room stuffed to the gills with well, STUFF.
8. Breakfast at Shari's on a stormy morning.
9. Laughing with my buddies.
10. Christmas !!!

Trivia ??

1. I have an enormous (well 250 + ) collection of vintage lunch boxes.
2. I have spent thousands upon thousands upon thousands of hours at golf courses. As part of the Oregon Golf Association I have volunteered at a skillion golf tournaments, from junior golf to high school state tournaments to professional tournaments, both men's and women's. The past 15 or so years I have worked at the scoreboards, doing computer input, and marking scores.
3. I can read faster than anyone I know.
4. Every night I am not on vacation I play Word Racer on Yahoo, and have for about 12 years. I am pretty darned good, but not the best ! (If you like Boggle, and you can type fast, you would love it.)
5. The best employment I ever had was working as a college instructor in the business department. My favorite classes to teach were Excel and Advanced Excel. I embarrass myself with how excited I can get over a computer software program. (Microsoft should put me on tv, I would put any product spokesperson to shame.)

I will pass this on to my some of my fellow bloggers at 365 Cards - they work hard every day, and are so gracious and kind! (Plus I would love to know more about them all.)

Michelle And if someone else sees this award and thinks it might be fun, please take it for yourself and pass it on !!

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