Tuesday, March 30, 2010

365 Cards - in pieces

Is this the story of your life, all summed up in an ice cream scoop - sometimes I feel that way ! Especially after I do something completely stupid.

So, maybe a "feel better" card or maybe even a "sorry I am such a dork" card - hey I can use both of those thoughts !

365 Cards wanted us to do something with pieces. This was pretty fun, and actually easy (for a change - that blog is tough on us card makers !!!) and very simple.

Gosh, wish I had some ice cream . . .


  1. What a cute card - love the ice cream cones!

  2. That is just to darling, what a great job!!!!
    I want ice cream tooo!!

  3. What a cute card... and I'm with the girls on this one - ice cream craving. Yum. :D

  4. LOL this is cute and funny all at the same time ;) fantastic girl :)

  5. I love this card. Great job with ice cream cone...definitely thinking outside the box!