Friday, March 26, 2010

365 Cards - Recipe

Happy Friday !

365 Cards gave us a recipe today
5 x 5 card
2 squares
3 circles
a sentiment
a ribbon
And boy are they strict too ! No deviations.

I wasn't sure if you could put a bow on the ribbon, or if you could distress, so I kept it simple. Afterward I looked at the picture of the roses and realized it looks as if that has two circles, but it is all one piece, so I figured that counts as only one.

I like the odd shaped cards. I don't worry about using a regular envelope, there are nice manila ones out there that fit almost everything, 6" x 9" if I am mailing. I will make my own envelopes if I am hand delivering (which is what I mostly do anyway). If I am able to stuff them in a regular card envelope, I use a nice fat ribbon and bow around instead of sealing.

But this one will go somewhere that will surprise him. No envelope needed. A thank you for the Starbucks mocha and onion bagel he left for me this morning. Yum.


  1. Gorgeous! The colors are fantastic and wow, what a beautiful flower image!

  2. What a fantastic card - love your choices of embellishments mixed with the great paper and ribbon choice!

  3. Stunning!!!, just stunning!!