Wednesday, March 31, 2010

365 Cards - all mixed up

Oh Pam Pam Pam - another extremely difficult challenge at 365 cards.

I quote Take an image (digi, stamp, etc.) and break it down into thirds - 1/3 no color, 1/3 patterned paper, 1/3 hand colored (markers, colored pencils, chalks, paint, etc.).

This was such a bear since I don't use stamps very often except really small ones, or ones with words, like happy birthday. Couldn't fulfill the challenge that way.

So I found a b & w photo from the internet (Smashing Magazine). I ended up making an illusion of sorts. The photo is about 4.5" x 5.5". I cut the paper into three pieces, around the trees and the tire marks. (1/3 patterned paper) I filled in the trees and tire marks with black pen. (1/3 hand colored) And I left the sky gray. (1/3 nothing)

It appears as if the sky is glued to the background, but it is actually lifted from the card with foam tape, as is the rest of the photo.

This is one of the reasons why I do 365 Cards almost every day. I can think about things a different way, and sometimes it is hard to do that. It is like real life, seeing things from a totally new perspective instead of what we have assumed was the truth all our lives. Sometimes that shakes us up, sometimes it makes us stronger, sometimes we are on the losing end.

Argh mateys.


  1. This is a stunning card - I love it! Striking, interesting and a very clever solution to a very tough challenge.

  2. I love it Jan!! Awesome job.


    p.s. yes, you should make a mini ;)

  3. It looks great, that is one hard challenge, good job!!!

  4. Wow! Great job with a tough challenge. You were so creative when faced without the stamps! How do you live without stamps??

  5. Gorgeous, Jan!! I love seeing creative ways to meet the challenge and definitely did with this one! Thanks for playing again this week and hope to see you back next week too!

    Aloha, Kim
    365 Cards Design Team member
    Check out the DAILY challenges!

  6. Jan, this GORGEOUS and INGENIOUS. Loving it. Beautiful.. thanks for the award..i kinda new to card blogging.. i dont know abt awards.. if you cud help me.. thanks. :D