Monday, March 29, 2010

Hanging with 365 Cards

365 Cards
wanted us to use this saying, Hang in There. Not something I say very often, but I guess I do or could occasionally.

First thoughts though, vacation ! Boy, does Dom love vacation. So this card is another one for him, hoping he will last through the week of long hours at work, and thinking about all the fun we will have on vacation !

Camping ? Not so much. But you know, I didn't have any paper with luxurious suites above the Oregon coast, watching the sea lions and surfers from a cozy room, logs burning in the fireplace, and HEY , some chai tea ! So I had to do camping as a theme. Now, that is not "distress" on that card, it is good old Oregon dirt, everything a camping trip is made of. YUK. Not for me.

Second thoughts on Hang in There - on vacation through the Oregon Cascade mountains, or the Sierra Nevadas, or the Siskiyous. I just might have to have a little zanax climbing those puppies, sometimes no guardrails on the sides. Up so high, no one would find us for months if we had a little slip off the side. So, I whisper to myself, Hang in There. (Picture Brick of In The Middle, muttering under his breath.) Then I put a blackout mask over my eyes, turn up the IPOD, snuggle under my car blankie and pretend I am somewhere else.

Enough already, someone cooked me lobster and wild rice for dinner, the rain is pelting the windows, off for a lovely evening...


  1. What a great idea for this card challenge - Can I come over for dinner? LOL

  2. Great card Jan!! Love it! Your description of riding in the mountains makes me miss home!! (Redding is where I consider home)

    Anyway, I left an award for you on my blog. Look for it under the Ms. Bright Side post.

    Take care and thanks for sharing that great card!!

  3. I totally love this card and all the work and concept... so very cool. Love it!

  4. Love the card. Very creative. But thank you! My idea of roughing it is to not order room service! LOL Thanks for playing at 365 Cards again this week.

  5. Great use of the sentiment on this card - very creative!