Thursday, March 4, 2010

365 Days - Thursday

A white space challenge today over at 365 Days, and I loved it ! I will have to try a few more white space things, as they are really attractive. Kind of makes me think of old cotton slips.

It must be almost time to do a REAL spring challenge, that is a card all about the rain. We don't have rain here in Oregon in August or Sept, but the rest of the year, well, think of rain forest.

Lewis and Clark spent a winter here in Oregon, and claimed it was most miserable, and only 12 days without rain. All I can think is "lucky them", they got 12 days, I don't ever remember a winter that fine. . . .


  1. Wonderful card Jan! I really luv the embossed diamonds along the edge... is that part of a punch? It does have the feel of pretty cotton slip!

    I'm from Portland and I have to say we have had a great winter compared to all that snow they have had back east!!!! You can give me rain anytime... : )

  2. That's so pretty. Love the colors...very fresh :)

  3. beautiful! love the colors :-)

  4. wow...this is SO pretty! great job!

  5. Very pretty card! I like the flower.