Saturday, December 6, 2014


Hi Everyone !

Like me, I am sure you all have read, seen or heard recommendations about wrapping all your Christmas gifts in the same paper. 

When the pretty bags came along, a lot of us were pretty thrilled to have our wrapping dreams come true !  But they just don't look or feel the same as a beautiful package all wrapped in gorgeous paper and tied up with ribbon or string.

I began wrapping my gifts all alike a few years ago, and I must say, it really isn't all that much harder than putting them in a bag.

This is paper I picked up from Costco around $10., and we used it for three years, and still have some left.  I only bought different but similar paper this year as our main tree is black and gold.

I also bought some kraft tags from Target, about $5 or so, which I used for a couple of years, and the ribbon is always wired, maybe three rolls a year for (on sale at Michael's) about $10.  So, you can see it is a pretty cheap project. 

I generally wrap the ribbon around the package just once, and do a double knot on top.  I fishtail the ends of the ribbon, and since it is wired, I can poof it into a little bow look-alike.

The final look, as you can see, is so beautiful.  Funny, but no one thinks they are REAL presents !

Wrapping like this is pretty fast, and so simple my husband always wraps all of my gifts just like these.  Give it a try - it is so festive !!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

2 Wall Projects

Hi Everyone !

Today we are going to look at two really easy peasy projects for your wall.


There are several companies that make cling type sayings that look as if they have been handwritten on your wall.  I have seen these at a number of stores, including JoAnn's, Michael's, and Home Goods.  The prices have sure come down in recent years, and they are easier than ever to adhere.
Just make sure they are level, and that you flatten them down with an edge, such as a credit card.
Less than 5 minutes to do, and sooooooo cute !


All this is, is a white canvas, white letters (and in this case Dream is all one piece), glue, spray adhesive, glitter and a sawtooth hanger.  This one MIGHT take as long as 5 minutes !

1. In the back center, hammer in a sawtooth hanger.

2.  Glue the chosen word on the canvas.

3.  Spray adhesive all over.

4.  Add the glitter.

5. Hang !!

This one too is pretty cute, and so simple.  Both projects will add a lot of interest to your wall, and
make your holiday home so festive.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Red and white tree


Every year Dom and I put up a few trees, usually 3-6.  This year we have 3 full size, one pencil tree, and one small undecorated (so far) flocked tree in the kitchen.

The more the merrier I think !  Although, it can be pretty exhausting, lol.

This year we chose a red and white theme, a black and gold theme, and a white and silver theme for our full size trees.  Today we are going to have a peek at the red and white tree !

We don't use red much in our holiday decorating, mostly because our house is green inside, and we strove for many years to maintain a monochromatic look.  But this red was such a happy surprise after it was complete !

This is a new tree we bought this year at Walmart, already flocked.  So, not a real expensive one, around $150 on sale I think.

Initially I filled the inside with red silk poinsettias, just to give some depth to the tree.

I added ribbon, berries, a sign, and some balls.  I also popped in a few little squiggley items, a red bird cage filled with red and white balls, and a framed photo of Spencer sitting with Santa.  I will have some close ups of those later.

This tree is in our media room, so we see it more than the others.

Also later, we will be looking at a garland I made for this particular tree !

Have a great day, and there is more coming tomorrow !!