Saturday, December 6, 2014


Hi Everyone !

Like me, I am sure you all have read, seen or heard recommendations about wrapping all your Christmas gifts in the same paper. 

When the pretty bags came along, a lot of us were pretty thrilled to have our wrapping dreams come true !  But they just don't look or feel the same as a beautiful package all wrapped in gorgeous paper and tied up with ribbon or string.

I began wrapping my gifts all alike a few years ago, and I must say, it really isn't all that much harder than putting them in a bag.

This is paper I picked up from Costco around $10., and we used it for three years, and still have some left.  I only bought different but similar paper this year as our main tree is black and gold.

I also bought some kraft tags from Target, about $5 or so, which I used for a couple of years, and the ribbon is always wired, maybe three rolls a year for (on sale at Michael's) about $10.  So, you can see it is a pretty cheap project. 

I generally wrap the ribbon around the package just once, and do a double knot on top.  I fishtail the ends of the ribbon, and since it is wired, I can poof it into a little bow look-alike.

The final look, as you can see, is so beautiful.  Funny, but no one thinks they are REAL presents !

Wrapping like this is pretty fast, and so simple my husband always wraps all of my gifts just like these.  Give it a try - it is so festive !!

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  1. Hi Jan
    hope you are ok -your blog has been very quiet since christmas .sending hugs.