Monday, December 1, 2014

Red and white tree


Every year Dom and I put up a few trees, usually 3-6.  This year we have 3 full size, one pencil tree, and one small undecorated (so far) flocked tree in the kitchen.

The more the merrier I think !  Although, it can be pretty exhausting, lol.

This year we chose a red and white theme, a black and gold theme, and a white and silver theme for our full size trees.  Today we are going to have a peek at the red and white tree !

We don't use red much in our holiday decorating, mostly because our house is green inside, and we strove for many years to maintain a monochromatic look.  But this red was such a happy surprise after it was complete !

This is a new tree we bought this year at Walmart, already flocked.  So, not a real expensive one, around $150 on sale I think.

Initially I filled the inside with red silk poinsettias, just to give some depth to the tree.

I added ribbon, berries, a sign, and some balls.  I also popped in a few little squiggley items, a red bird cage filled with red and white balls, and a framed photo of Spencer sitting with Santa.  I will have some close ups of those later.

This tree is in our media room, so we see it more than the others.

Also later, we will be looking at a garland I made for this particular tree !

Have a great day, and there is more coming tomorrow !!


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