Thursday, October 7, 2010


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When I first started making cards, about ten months
ago, I found this incredible paper. I looked at it so much the cover disintegrated from the book. I couldn't bring myself to use it because I knew I couldn't do it justice quite yet. I have no idea what kind of paper it is, not one, if you do, would you leave me a comment ?

City Crafter this week has a simple "holiday" challenge. I may not be done with this particular challenge just yet, as I have some other ideas !!

I went in to my dentist on Monday for a new crown, but after he was finished he told me I needed a root canal on that tooth. Went in for the root canal, but half way through a different guy told me it wasn't going to be saved, and I needed it pulled. Can't get that done for another ten days or so, argh .... So, I have been a little out of things here !!

Taught my first lss class last week. Wow, was that ever fun !! But I realized how much I miss teaching school (college) and that was kinda sad....

This was a fun and easy card to make. The Noel stamp is so pretty I think. Hope you enjoyed it !



  1. What a great card.. I love all those layers and your flowers are beautiful.. So sorry to hear about your dental problems. It sounds pretty aggravating. So glad you played along with us at CCCB!

  2. i love your card, jan! it's gorgeous! so much yummy distress work! love your flowers!
    sorry about your tooth :(. hope you feel better.
    *hugs* steph :)

  3. Such a beautiful and different Christmas card Jan, the Noel frame is gorgeous! Hope you're feeling slightly better now! Have a great weekend, Ira

  4. Beautiful card ... sorry to hear about your dentist work ... ugh! I hate dentists ... glad you enjoyed your class though ... thanks so much for playing along at CCCB

  5. Gorgeous Jan!! Maybe you should make my Christmas cards! LOL :)


  6. WOW WOW WOW!!! LOVE this card girl :)
    so sorry to read about the toothy problems. i know all to well what your going through !!

  7. Love the soft colors you've used on this card Jan. I see we're playing with some of our seam binding. Love that stuff! Very pretty. :)

  8. Lovely card Jan, love the non-traditional colors, I really do! lovely flowers too, all the different look, so cool!
    Sorry to hear about your dental experience, I often wonder, why do we need to have teeth? and why do we need to take care of them? Why can't God gives us something long and lasting without having the dentist? I HATE dentist!
    Thanks for playing along with us at CCCB, we love and enjoy having you here!

  9. soooooooooo pretty! Thank you for playing along at CCCB!

  10. What a pretty non-traditional holiday card, love it.
    So sorry to hear about the tooth, but I'm glad you had fun teaching!

  11. Beautiful creation, congratulations on your win!