Wednesday, February 16, 2011



This week's Kraft Journal has a "hip to be square" theme. My little brain went a lot of ways on this one, I gotta say it was one of my most favorite challenges EVER ! First, though, let me thank the ladies at The Kraft Journal for their award last week - I am a big Kraft and Kraft Outlet fan, and I was so tickled...

Reading books has always been associated with nerds, but of course, now with the advent of the computer age nerds are not quite so square ! That was my first thought about this challenge (after singing the Huey Lewis song to myself, of course...) - and I wanted to go that route.

Well, look at that little library card and card pocket from the Kraft Outlet - now if only my flabby brain can connect those two things with books .... hmmmmm

I used a very very old book I found at Goodwill, it just shredded when I ripped out the pages. It is so old it was published in the 1930's, and a little stamp inside said "RKO Studios." I wondered if maybe the movie industry had optioned it at one time. Just glancing at the pages it was quite appalling how idiotic and submissive the women and ethnic minorities were portrayed. I used a different name for the book and the author to spare its/his embarrassment - no one wants to go down THAT street again.

Have you bought an e-book reader yet ? I have a Kindle, so does Dom, and there is nothing like it on this earth. I really thought I would miss the book feel and smell, but not so, not at all. I can honestly tell you I will never read a book the "old fashioned" way again, not a chance.

The small print says:

Library card and holder - The Kraft Outlet
Cardstock - Recollections
Design Paper - K & Co
Inchie squares - The House across the Bay etsy shop
Button - My Favorite Things
Jewelry cording
Brad - Stash
Bulldog Clip - Tim Holtz
Paint and Ink - Ranger



  1. So crafty & clever. Love how you used an old book. :)

  2. I see some TH channeling in through this card, LOL You know I think you'd have to be living under a rock to NOT think of the Huey song. ;-) You put a lot of different ideas in this card and it turned out great. Haven't been to the Good Will in a while maybe . . .

  3. Gorgeous card, Jan! Love, love, love how you used the library card and pocket here. The grid of square patterned papers looks fabulous, and I adore the bit of torn book paper on the side.
    Thanks for joining us again at the Kraft Journal. :)

  4. Love love the library card and pocket Jan, you did a great job! Thanks for joining us again at The Kraft Journal!!

  5. I remember those old library cards ,how old it makes me feel. Thanks for all your kind comments,I'm not sure where the corner stamp on my other card came from.I will look in the craft shops next week and see if I can find one for you.We should be able to bike ride all Winter as the weather is reasonably good.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. This is an amazing card Jan, I adore every single detail of it. Thanks so much for joining us again at The Kraft Journal. I'm so happy to hear that you love your Kindle... I just bought one for my youngest daughter (a VERY VERY avid reader), for her birthday in March... I hope she'll be delighted with it.