Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Papercraft Star 163


Challenge 163 at Papercraft Star
this week !

I ended up somewhere out in space on this one.  I had planned to do something with some Monopoly title cards, and I have some really cute game stamps, but of course, I went in a different direction, and chose to highlight the metal aspect.

I tried to photoshop this, but it really messed with the sparkle and off white ribbon.  The truth is that the metal embossed part is actually the same pink as the cardstock, but there is no way I could get it to look right.  So it remains, untouched.

DCWV has new glitter paper that is softer, more pliable, and easier to work with than the usual glitter paper.  I think it has more sparkle too.  I have been making so many fall and Halloween cards it has been a relief to make something completely different.



  1. Wow this is so elegant ... beautiful card Jan!

  2. LOVE the shiny embossed sentiment and that glittery paper, Jan! PRETTY bow, too! STUNNING card!

  3. Funny how cards in our mind never quite materialise the way we plan, think they take on a life of their own! Love the direction your card took, very pretty indeed. Thanks also for the lovely comment you left on my blog, Jx ps Christmas t yours looks delightful!

  4. Glitter and sparkle is a nightmare to photo, isn't it?
    I can see this is gorgeous and sparkly though.
    Caroline xxx