Thursday, July 24, 2014

Front porch lights


Big thank you to the ladies at 
Try Stampin' on Tuesday
who counted this card in their top 3 !!

I see it has been a few days since I have posted.

I stopped by Michael's on Monday, and what a mistake !  They had big grab bags for $2, and I hauled off eight of them.  Now it has been a few days and I am still sorting all the goodies, and putting them away.  Of course I really needed every single thing in them .....  not ....

Today I am featuring a card I did for

with this sketch ....

Always the best sketches, in my opinion !

and my card ....

On Sunday Spencer told me a story about a mouse and her family, or maybe it was a rat and her family, he used the terms interchangeably.  When I asked him

Was it a rat, or a mouse ?

he said
I can't tell the difference

and I said
but you were the smartest boy in your class last year !

and he said
That is because we never had any questions about rats or mice.

ok, lucky for him, huh !  whew.

Hope your week has been wonderful !!


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  1. Jan, you have created a lovely masterpiece of art! Stunning vintage interpretation of the Try Stampin' on Tuesday Sketch. You can see why you continue to win the challenges! Thank you so much for coming and showing us your card. Kathy (DT)