Monday, August 4, 2014

Healing works


Today we have a smokey valley, from the many wild fires in the mountains.  Earlier, in our residence here in Oregon, we often had smoke filled skies thanks to our large grass seed crop.  Always a delight to see in December and January, our emerald grass grows alongside the roadways, so brilliant it is blinding.  For years our farmers burned their fields at the end of summer, just as the Native Americans did long ago.  Unfortunately, the pollution it generated surrounded us for weeks, until finally burning fields were banned.  If you watched any of the World Cup, 12 gorgeous green soccer fields in Brazil were the product of Oregon's grass.

Today's card, featuring Alice (and it should have been Dorothy with all my talk of emerald green!) will be posted at
who feature this sketch ...

and here is my card ...

Hope your week is beginning in a wonderful way !!


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