Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Kraft Journal - Wednesday's tutorial


Don't forget to pop in over at The Kraft Journal and link up your card for this week's challenge,  Autumn Colors.

Here is my tutorial from The Kraft Journal this week.  I am discussing cards for men.  

Everyone seems to have real difficulties with these types of cards.  Today I have some help for you with size, colors, themes and shapes/angles.

Sizes – Keep to the standard sizes or larger, as the smaller ones tend to appear dainty 

Colors – Over the years, studies have shown that men like blue, green and black the best.  Gray and brown also work well with almost any splash of color.  Consider using a darker color for your card stock.  Conservative seems to be his thing !

Themes – Avoid themes in design paper and stamps that don’t reflect his interest.  Too often commercial cards, and some paper “for men” act as if every man is interested in golf, grilling, plaid, mowing the lawn, or watching tv.  Very few men wear neckties on a regular basis, but Father’s Day cards haven’t noticed !  Yes, it may take a little extra work coming up with something he really enjoys, but if you need something quickly,  you can always rely on a neutral theme, like the card below.

Shapes/Angles – Keep a male card simple in shape.  A standard rectangle card is just dandy for him, and the extra work you expend on a fanciful shape will not be appreciated.  Right angles are pleasing to his eye, as is texture.

Note the general neutral theme, a kraft card stock, right angles, texture, standard size, and simplicity.

Next month I will cover paper, stamps and fonts.  

Card stock, hemp and corrugated paper - The Kraft Outlet 
Design Paper - Bo Bunny
Stamps - TPC, Inkadinkado
Stickles - Ranger
Button - stash 



  1. Love, love love these tips for men's cards that you shared with us at The Kraft Journal Jan... I find that masculine cards are the hardest for me to create, your pointers help and I know our readers will find inspiration from your tips as well!

  2. I so agree ,most cards for men are pretty awful unless you go down the comedy/joke route. Steve's mum still sends him cards with bright shiney cars on the front .They are dreadful and she seems to find so many.