Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Papercraft Star 139 - Garden/seeds


I love this picture of a seed packet.

At Papercraft Star this week our theme is

Now that I am looking at it again I should have used this actual picture !

Card stock - Recollections
Paper - Creative Imaginations
Stamp - TPC 
Herb envelope, bling, raffia, button - stash

Spencer has taken to a new game, called "Chopped", and yes, it is exactly like the Food Network show.

He plays Ted, and does all the "host" work, while everyone else plays both the chefs, and the panel.  Oh yes, he plays one of the chefs and one of the panel too.
Talk about crummy baskets - for our appetizer course last night we had loganberries, fried chicken, refried soda and coconut cake.  The chefs present their dishes to the panel, and the panel tastes and comments, with Spencer saying things like
"I love the manner in which you cooked this"
"this is completely trash, trash trash"
and then we must all go to the waiting room where we commiserate with one another saying things like
"oh, I hope I don't get chopped"

Of course, you have to have watched the program in order to know the typical things that are said, and Spencer knows them all.
Pop won last night, since he said he would use his $10,000 and give it all to his grandson, and of course Spencer lifted the lid, and told me I was chopped, and Pop said aha I lied, I will keep it all for myself!

It took us a whole half hour to play, almost as long as the real show !
I love 5 years old, so so fun.



  1. Sounds like you had a great time playing Chopped - too cute! Love your card too!

    Deanne :)

  2. I love you card just as it is ... I really love the colours! And sounds like that little one is really keeping you guys amused!

  3. Such a cute card Jan! I have to say age 5 is a super fun age! I would write all the little silly things my son would say. I go back and read them and they are still funny!