Saturday, May 23, 2015

Don't let me wait


Thank you once again to the fine ladies at Try Stampin' or not On Tuesday
for including this card in their top three !!

Today I have a card going to

and instead of a sketch, they have a photo inspiration ...

I love bright colors, but I don't use them very well ...

so here is my card, toned down a little ...

Hope you like it !

Last Sunday Dom and I took Spencer to our local home supply store, looking at plants.  As Spencer and I were walking on the outside walkway he said

You know, we forgot to eat lunch today.

and I said

Oh yes, we did.  Would you like a hotdog ?

and he said

Well, they have EXCELLENT vendors here ...
How about Burrito Amigos ?  They make a bean burrito that is
crisp and delicious.

I just love the way he talks, I could listen to him forever.

Right after he was potty trained, he had to have been 3, he was in the bathroom for a long time, and I asked him if he needed help.  And with a big sigh he said ...

I could use a volunteer ...

Have a fabulous weekend, a holiday for Americans !!



  1. Love the subtle colours - as always a beautiful card . Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Very cute! It has a very summery feel! Thanks for joining us at Try Stampin on Tuesday!

  3. Hey Jan, just wanted to stop by and say I love your newest card for Try Stampin' or not on Tuesday. For some reason your link doesn't work though. :( I always like the vintage feel to your cards that you make including this one. Very pretty! Thanks for sharing with us at Try Stampin' or not on Tuesday.
    Sara H.