Thursday, December 30, 2010



My daughter gave me some incredible gcd studios paper for Christmas, and I am afraid I did not do it the justice it deserves here.

Nevertheless, in the spirit of full disclosure and at the risk of being thought of as less than perfect, I am still going to enter it into City Crafter's stamp challenge this week.

Can you see what I got for Christmas ? Yup a new sewing machine, and I am lovin' it.

Oh you CCCB ladies - thank you for the Artist Spotlight Award again last week !!! I have 11 on my "mantel" now, and I am darned proud of each and every single one. Being judged kindly by your peers never grows old.

Well, I didn't do so hot this time, but I will get back to work, and see what I can come up with and try it again. Have a wonderful day, and Happy New Year !!



  1. i think your card is gorgeous jan!! happy holidays to you :)! *hugs* steph :)

  2. i think it is stunning!!!! love the little key and hanger it is on :)
    yea you getting a sewing machine!!!

  3. Gorgeous card Jan.. :)

    Just dropping by to wish you.. ( i know i miss Christmas.. blessed christmas still the same) and a wonderful crafty year ahead. btw .. i love the look of your blog. :)

    Happy New Year 2011... hugs!

  4. Well I think this is just fabulous! ... you really deserve your awards and hey ... I am no one's Peer ... but it sounds nice! so thanks ... and thank you for being a regular with us at CCCB ... best wishes for 2011 - hope it's a good one

  5. Wow Jan, another gorgeous card! You do such beautiful work! Thank you for sharing it with us! Regan

  6. Thanks for your kind words Jan, we love you here at CCCB, and appreciated your support, this is another beauty, totally love it. Love your vintage touch to your creation and wonderful stamped work, thanks for sharing it with us at CCCB!

  7. Well I think you deserve everyone of them.. I love to see your creations. You are very talented.. Just like this card.. I love the old vintage feel it has.. Thanks so much for playing along with us at CCCB!

  8. This is so beautiful! Thank you for playing along at CCCB!