Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas is almost here !


I sure do love Christmas ! It used to be my obsession, prior to my paper of course !

Today I hosted a little luncheon for some lady friends, including my blogger friend, Susan.

My daughter cooked a marvelous meal, zucchini spaghetti, green beans, and london broil, followed by a creme brulee.

Now the kitchen is clean, and tomorrow is the next of our parties, an open house for my husband's coworkers.

We have a busy week ahead, with two more sit down dinners planned for next weekend, and an afternoon tea if I can fit it in without exhaustion.

Hope your season is also merry merry ! I hope to be back with a card or too real soon.



  1. Look at all the gorgeous trees.... and all the christmas parties and gatherings :)
    Ours is a low key this year.. with the recent passing of my father in law.. we will not have celebrations for a year. I may go back to hometown for a small celebration though.:)

  2. Aw man, I wish I had a house big enough to put more than one tree up. Everything looks so beautiful. I'm glad you're feeling better now so that you can enjoy all your fun gatherings. Enjoy!

  3. Wow Jan, such beautiful decorations! Good luck with all of your party madness!

  4. I love your decorating Jan! Everything looks so warm and nicely done up! You just keep looking at it! Have a great time and enjoy! Ira

  5. How lovely and festive ,it's so inviting. I hope you have lots of fun with the family over the holidays .We don't really do Christmas ,I don't have any family and Steves' brothers and sister don't send cards or anything.At the moment we have one sad little Christmas card.

    Have a great time.


  6. Thanks Jan and your family for a lovely time last Saturday. Those pics don't do your home is a sparkling wintery wonderland. I enjoyed meeting your BFF and lovely neighbor.

    May you catch a second wind for the parties ahead! See you soon, neighbor.

  7. I came here for the hop post, above, but when I caught a glimpse of your trees, I just couldn't believe how lovely they are! I'm just in awe of how beautiful your decorations are. It's so sparkly and magical!