Tuesday, July 6, 2010

365 Cards, Color Scheme

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Just returned from a wonderful respite at the beach. Yesterday I had an autopost, as I knew I would be out of town. How fun to see all the comments from my guest spot over at 365 Cards ! I really enjoyed doing that.

Today is Manoli's shot at the guest spot, and these are the colors for the challenge.

I usually fuss over my cards, maybe it doesn't ever look that way, but I spend a long time looking through my paper or other "stuff". Today first paper I looked at was this, and thought, I could never find a more perfect paper for these colors, could I !!

Just like everyone tho, I am always disappointed those fun stickles don't show on camera very well or very often, as they do add so much to the card. Oh well.

We stopped by Spencer's house yesterday on the way back from the coast, and brought him over here while his mom and dad went golfing. As we were pulling out he told me to look at his duck chair on the deck - and said I had bought it for him. Oh no, I said, I didn't buy that chair for you, it must have been your other grandma. OOOOhhhh he said, SCARY Grandma. (Who is arriving today to visit from Indiana...) Well, Dom said there was horror all over my face - oh please oh please don't say that to her. And of course, she is not scary one little bit. And thank goodness she doesn't read this blog. right ?

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  1. very funny when you aren't the scary grandma, just teasing, i know you would feel horrible for jeanie if spencer said that to her. so now to the card unlike all of your followers i do get to she all the little details close up, so i will tell them they are always cooler than the picture on your blog, maybe that mean old husband will one day buy you a better camera.

  2. Great card, Jan! Love the colours - and that adorable little dress. I can 'imagine' the stickles... LOL

    Kids can be so hilarious with how they describe things... of course Grandma's not scary - but Spencer's adjectives are limited, so he picked something close. LOL Adorable.

    Oh, and I think you should totally leverage Dom's guilt for teasing you. Maybe that mean old husband WILL one day buy you a better camera! :P ROFL

  3. I love your card.. full of goodies.. I love background.. awesome isnt it? :).

    Your gandson is a darling... :)

    as alwalys thanks for sharing all the fun things in your life ;)... hugs

  4. Oh, I love this, Jan! So many fab details and a wonderful color combination!

  5. I love your posts! I can always find something to smile about in them. Dom just adds an extra chuckle. I know what you mean about the photos. My pics never look like the real thing. Glad to have you back and workin' your creative magic on this cool card!