Friday, July 30, 2010

365 Cards - Friday sketch


Here is a very very simple card based on Friday's sketch at 365 Cards.

Very easy, and just the sketch you need if you are looking to put a card out there real quickly. Boy, those don't happen very often, do they !

After no one has cooked me a meal for the whole month of July (sob) I finally broke down and put some baby back ribs in the oven today. I can't decide if I need to keep awake to take them out, or just take a teeny nap and let the oven turn off.

I KNOW I am not Rachael Ray, but I do make the very best ribs I have ever tasted, and everyone who has eaten them agrees. Easy peasy.

Cut them into 2 rib pieces. Put them in a shallow pan. Cover the pan with tin foil, seal tightly. Bake at 325 for a couple hours. You will know they are done cause your house will smell amazing. Brush on some cheapo bbq sauce, cover, cook another 15 minutes. They are falling off the bone, and truly, all the fancy rubs and sauces, and baking them for 3 days, doesn't hold a candle to this simple method. The smell wafts out the windows and onto the sidewalk, where all the walkers and joggers pause for a minute, drool politely and move on .

Hey, I can only cook a couple things, and this is one of them. Probably cause it is so easy, I cannot screw them up. Try this - your guy will be sooooooooo happy.... and your kids.

Don't forget submissions close tomorrow at Papercraft Star - bring your mojo out to play, and see you there !!



  1. LOL girl you have heard of take out right? :) if i ate meat i would come over and sample your cooking!! such a pretty card and way to go making so many cards this week!!! Papercraft?? will have to check it out as i forgot about it... hey i'm OLD and that is my story and i'm sticking to it lol

  2. Love Pink, Love Ribs, Love YOU!


  3. Love this DP! This is such a sweet card. Have you made a list of things you want Dom to cook for you? Hubby would probably love your ribs. He's quite the carnivore and ribs are one of his favorites.