Monday, August 30, 2010

365 Cards - Digging Deep

♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

A rainy day here in Oregon, very very unusual for August, and very refreshing !

365 Cards has my good friend Kristina as a guest designer today, and wow, she really came up with the most amazingly beautiful card I have seen in a very long time. Check it out !!!

The theme today is using things that are old. The requirements are :

An item (not paper) that is at least 6 months old
2 sheets of patterned paper that you've never used
An embellishment that you've had for more than a year
A stamp that you've never used but you've had for at least a year

Now, this is kinda hard for those of us who are so new to this - I never owned a stamp a year ago ! (Unless we count postage stamps, and I do have a small supply of 39 cent ones left...) However, the ribbon is ancient, the papers I have never used before, and the flowers have been around for quite a while. And, I never have used these two stamps before ... So, I am forced to my rebellious side only out of necessity !

Don't think I have ever sent a fall card (or even a Halloween one) in my life, but gosh, the colors are just amazing. There is a lot of glittery crapola on there, since I think of bright sunshine on fall leaves, (we do have one or two days a year like that here), and, well, it was a chance to do something I have never done before. Who doesn't like that !!

In the "spirit" of the fall and Halloween days to come, I have added a pic of my Spencer, he is watching a scary Scooby-Doo with his hands over his ears. Notice his little Dennis the Menace cowlick - not for nothin' that little cowlick, nope.



  1. A mi hija pequeña tambien le da miedo Scooby pero no aparta los ojos de la pantalla del televisor,jeje.

    La tarjeta es preciosa!

  2. this is so very pretty. :) I love the vintage the colours.

  3. Yes, this is an autumn card allright! The shades are similar to our hydrangeas in the garden right now. Love your card and what a cute picture of Spencer ;-)

  4. What a beautiful card, I love the colors & all of the embellies :>

  5. Very pretty Jan, just love the colors! Oh, and I really like that gold leaf. Thank you for all of the wonderful compliments, I'm glad you liked it!

    Spencer is just TOO cute, my son has a double cowlick..I say it's from where I had his horns

  6. LOL forced into rebelling??? you crack me up!!! fantastic card girl :) Spencer looks like a little angel :)

  7. Hey me darlin'. It's no secret that you get my vote this week. Love that "technique" card. So pretty! I keep looking at it to see if I could count all the messy techniques you used!

    Spenser reminds me of my oldest at that age. He never covered his EYES....always coverd his EARS!