Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Papercraft Star 9

Welcome to Papercraft Star Challenge 9 !

Stranger than strange ...

When I first saw these incredible photos weeks ago that Beth and Kristina had chosen as our inspiration for this challenge I was really excited !

Love the colors, love the theme, and love the candied apples. But something happened. And I dunno what it was. Some people say their mojo disappeared, of course I prefer a conspiracy theory ... but either way, I worked and worked on this and threw away a half dozen attempts. This has never EVER happened to me.

So I thought, well I will take a little jaunt over to the etsy shop that features these photos, at urban design, and see what else is there that will give me that shot in the arm. That was when I found this photo of the stepping stones in a pool.

Immediately I thought of Dom - and his birthday is soon (day after tomorrow), and he would LOVE this, not to mention it looks exactly like the stones in the pool at the park just south of our house. Spencer loves those stones, what kid wouldn't. Impulse buy I know, but it was just so perfect for Dom's birthday.

So, while I am checking out I have a look at the seller (wanna make sure I can get this in time, don't wanna pay too much shipping) and by golly she is from Eugene, Oregon, my very own little town ! I look back at the stone photo, and YUP - it is exactly THOSE stones at THAT park ! And the ferris wheels, balloons, and apples, yup, MY fairgrounds, 3 miles away from my house.
(Did I actually EAT one of those apples too ???)

So I emailed the photographer, to see if she would meet me somewhere so I could save the postage. Sure she says, she has a business at Sheldon Plaza if I want to meet there. You mean the Sheldon Plaza that is right by my house ?? Which business ? And by golly, she owns the hair salon where I get my hair cut.

How weirdly weird is this...

And we met, and she was completely delightful, and will be visiting all your (and our) creations. I gave her this card as a thank you for the lovely photo.

Papercraft Star Challenge 9 opens today, and continues until Saturday 8/21. Voting closes on Monday 8/23. Submit, vote and spend some time in our forums - lotsa good stuff there !!

and the little teeny fine fine print :
Cardstock - Coredinations
Paper - Basic Gray
Bingo card & Tickets - Tim Holtz
Ink - Distress Ink, Ranger
Punch - Martha Stewart
Alpha letters - Jolee's
Gloss - Tim Holtz
Metal - uh oh, dunno
Ferris Wheel image - art-e-zine.co.uk



  1. I LOVE your card! And the story is awesome! Freaky or what!! Or maybe it is just a small world after all!!!

  2. Great great card this is Jan! Stories like this take you right back down Memory Lane, just lovely!

  3. WOW!! Such a small world!!! Great story and the card is amazing!! I just LOVE it and the colors are perfect!!

  4. That's what you call meant to be. :) Love this card Jan, especially that giant ferris wheel image. LOVE ferris wheels.

  5. I love the card Jan, great take on the challenge!

    Isn't it crazy how two girls, one from CO and one from MI, decide to start out on an adventure together and lead another girl in OR to an amazing artist in her own backyard! The world is small my friend. I hope Dom loves his gift and the story behind it.

  6. I have to say I love everything about this card.. The colors are wonderful, And all the layering is perfect.. I LUV it! I also think you two girls meeting was "like Tracy said" meant to be!

    Hope you are having a great week!

  7. wow.. what a fun card to make. Love the gorgeous colours.. so much goodies. :)
    one of a kind coincidence :)

  8. Jan, I can't stop looking at this card, all the interesting details (including the story that went with the making of this card!) This is like the best card EVAH!

  9. first: AWESOME card girl :)
    second: WOW what a small world!! how cool is that about the pics and meeting the lady right in your own neighborhood!!

  10. What a crazy story! I love how all things are connected like that! My Aunt lives in Eugene also, so I'll have to visit the famous stones now the next time I'm down there!

  11. Beautiful card Jan! Love that bingo card ;)

  12. wowee, what an awesome story! thanks for sharing with us. i love your card, jan! gorgeous colors, gorgeous distressing. love those tickets!! thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!!! *hugs* steph :)