Monday, November 1, 2010

365 Cards - Mint


I do love playing at 365 Cards, but haven't had the time or energy lately - so today I told myself I would make a card for today, no matter what the challenge was !

Well, that brings me to this oddity... The challenge was "MINT" and you were supposed to use the first thing that came into your head. Get it yet?

Last night on Wordracer at Yahoo I found the word REMINTED for mega points, and reminted only means one thing to me, $$$$$$$$$$$$$. So, of course the first thing that popped into my head when I thought mint, was where the $$ comes from ! I am totally and completely certain that Pam did not intend this interpretation, but it is what it is. I say that often.

So I did a card that could be used for just about anything I think, of course money holder is always a gift that doesn't come often enough to me !! The rattlesnake paper - in the DCWV Weathered and Worn book - I had never dreamed I would ever have a reason to use it, but a wallet it is ! Spencer already had the other snake page from the book, since he loves to make his "cards" and I knew he would appreciate it.

So, here I am, completely without snake paper now. What a tragedy.

Thanks to all of you for the prayers and thoughts for both my father, and for me. He is almost 94 and was supposed to be on his deathbed, but .... well let us put it this way, I don't think he wanted to miss a meal !!! He ate his whole breakfast and may have a bit longer on this earth. He is a man of faith, and has no fear of death - a comfort to know he will not die afraid.



  1. oh Jan.. you are too funny. When I heard mint.. it was ice cream.. i would prefer $$$$. lol.
    I do pray that your dad will be well and healthy for many many meals to come.

    Take care and hugs..

  2. I think you're still on vacation in Reno. hee hee Think I might try out your word racer game tonight. Sounds challenging. Hugs!

  3. too fun and quite creative, Jan. Now when I read the word mint, I thought of some new Memory Box papers I recently got called Spearmint. Double the fun...

  4. I just love your thoughts behind this one Jan! Great one! Hope you and father will be able to spend many more beautiful moments together, age is nothing where your parents are concerned. Hugs, Ira

  5. What a fantastic idea! Love the snakeskin wallet :)

    I'm so happy to hear that dad is doing okay for now, I've been thinking about you a lot!

  6. i LOVE the way you interpreted this challenge!! Fantastic job :-)

  7. I will keep your dad in my prayers. He reminds me of my great aunt, who was like a grandmother to me. She helped raise my dad when his mom died. Anyway, she lived to be 98 and died quietly in her sleep. She was a strong Believer!

    This card is hilarious! You win first prize for coloring WAY outside the lines. And in MY challenge, too! woot woot!

  8. This is wonderfully clever, Jan - so glad you played along on this one!