Monday, November 22, 2010

365 Cards - Vintage Hat Pin


I just haven't made enough Christmas cards yet ! Oddly, I have Christmas paper to supply an entire scrap shop, but once again, I use something else. Alas, oh alas...

365 Cards
is in the midst of a wonderful vintage blog hop, with lots of cool things going on. Today Gloria has given us a hat pin requirement. I used a Tim Holtz pin, and filled it with glitter and Glossy Accents, just like Gloria taught me to do a couple of months ago !

Lots of stickles and glitter, and I made my own bingo card. I have a standard plain bingo card I made in Excel, and all I do is change up the colors, the font, and the sentiment - and voila - it is done. No one has noticed it is always the same numbers, right ?? lol



  1. Love it. I also love that you made the pin! I learned that technique from Wendy at Studio 490 - and it's an amazing technique to try! Fab card as always!!!

  2. This is really cute Jan, love the tickets!

  3. Same numbers or not, you've gotten some mileage out of that little Excel creation AND some fantastic cards! Is that a MS punch I see? ;-)