Tuesday, November 23, 2010

365 Cards - Sketch Sunday


Awoke this morning to snow - which I know is no big deal in the midwest, but here, wow. No snow removal equipment in our town, since it does snow so seldom. So, since I cannot make it out to the scrap stores, I must nap !!

This is a submission to 365 Cards, for their sketchy Sunday this week.

One wonderful thing about 365 Cards (of many wonderful things !) is that I have made some lovely friends there. I met an amazing artist at 365 Cards, who turned out to live less than 3 miles from my house !! What are the chances !!

Susan had me to her very cool retro 50's home for lunch this past week, where she fixed me a scrumptious omelet, and muffins - and of course we talked cards ! Oh my, she has some real art in her work, so detailed, so very interesting, all the little nuances.

Susan spent time helping me learn how to stamp a little better, and here are the results, at least so far ! It is only fitting I submit it to 365 Cards, right ?

And again - thank you Susan for the super meal and fellowship, and the stamping knowledge tossed in too ! Stop over and visit her blog - you will be so very glad you did.



  1. Isn't meeting your crafty online friends in person awesome!?! I just "wish" that I had one only 3 miles from me!!

    I love love what you made here Jan!

  2. you lucky duck getting to meet Susan!! your card and tags are beautiful :)

  3. oh my... your stamping is fantastic.. Love the use of white to colour in. Gorgeous..

    Lucky you :) Glad to have met at 365cards too my friend :D

  4. You are the reigning queen of tags! These are fantastic! I love the two tone color and the little pocket for them is so cute. You took that little bit of help and ran with it. Love it! Hugs!

  5. very nice, Jan. I personally love creating tags, they work up quick, can be used as bookmarks, on top of a gift bag, or a lil' object of art! Yours are a great example with the vintage look.

    So glad you shared the afternoon with me...and happy to offer a few tips...you are well on your way! And who would have thought...less than 3 miles away.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  6. Ohhh, love, love, love your take on the sketch. Brilliant! Beautiful tags, love all the stamps you used!!!

  7. Those tags are soooo amazing! I love the white. I am green with envy that you got to play together! If anyone wants to avoid ALL snow, come to So. Cal. and stamp with ME! {wink} However, I don't cook so we'd have to have brunch out somewhere nice, with real napkins!

  8. Oohhh...I absolutely adore this! So, so clever with all those beautiful tags.
    And nice to hear you got to meet your friend "live". Wouldn´t mind meeting a few of my online friends eighter...

  9. love, love, love this...I've been really lovin' tags lately!! Such a fabulous design...great work!

  10. What?? That is so cool that you and Susan live so close to one another!! This is so cleverly designed and I love the tags!