Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday Tutorial at Papercraft Star

Today at Papercraft Star I have done a tutorial on storing and retrieving your photos. When I was teaching college, I occasionally taught a class on records management - and I always stressed to my students it wasn't about storing your records, it was about being able to retrieve them later !

I keep a zillion pictures on my computer, and I bet you do too. If you are not real computer savvy, this should help you get going on an organized file system. I can always put my finger on a picture almost instantly, and I can credit any pictures I have downloaded by naming my folders. If you are a scrapbooker, you can use folders to organize the photos you haven't managed to scrap yet.

Here is what my picture gallery looks like when I open it.

My photos automatically come up in a date folder. You can move your photo to another folder (I put all my blog pictures together) by simply dragging and dropping into the folder.

When I open my blog photo folder, it looks like this, with all the pictures in folders according to date.

You can sort them other ways too, by clicking on "arrange by..."

To make a new folder, click on "new folder" - how hard is that.

Double click the name on the folder (it is called new folder, very creative), and you can rename it by typing in the blue space below.

Hope this will help you sort your photos just the way you want them. You should have no trouble finding anything again !!


  1. Oh, Jan, this is wonderful. I had my pictures on a software program and something happened and I lost 5,000 pictures. I am now going to do what you have here. Thanks for sharing, this really helped. P.S. Luckily I had all my pictured backed up on an external hard drive. Have a happy day.

  2. Great tutorial Jan. I have mine somewhat organized but it is getting a little crazy. TFS

  3. Fabulous tutorial Jan.I have tons of pictures and gets overwhelming when I cannot find the one I need. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. I love keeping it all sorted and organized too! Thanks for sharing how you keep it all together.