Friday, April 30, 2010

365 Cards - 3 circles

365 Cards has decreed 3 different types of circles for us today.

This is my take...
1) Black polka dots on the paper
2) Yellow circles surrounding them
3) Polka dots on the ribbon
4) Yellow brads
5) Circles around the image (bubbles?)
6) A circle on the image
7) Polka dots on the dress on the image

I think I could have just made any old card and fulfilled 3 different kinds of circles - guess I use them a whole lot !

I was watching a tv commercial the other day, and told Dom
"I just love that commercial" and he said it reminded him of a card I might make. When I saw that same commercial this morning I thought, I am going to make a card inspired by that!

Can you guess which commercial it is ?
Hint #1 - same colors
Hint # 2 - stripes, not circles

I will send a very so - so, ordinary and blah prize out to the first one of you 4 constant readers who can guess which commercial it is. This dull and dreary contest ends whenever I think all the people who want to look at this card, already have ! (Saturday May 1st ???)


  1. I would love a prize, even a "blah" one, but for the life of me I can't guess...LOL

    Nice card!

  2. Love the card, Jan. You've got the circles and then some! Based upon your color scheme, I can only guess that the commercial is NOT an ad for Target.

  3. Vintage with a modern twist of bright colours, just lovely.
    I'm always happy to share,here is the link for the cupcake template I used on my card. .The template is at the end of the post ,I just re-sized it.At the right hand side of her Blog under labels there are lots of templates ,tutorials and good ideas.I thought you might find a fun card for your grandson.



  4. Jan, this is a BEAUTY. I love that you have used such bright colours. And a vintage image and the retro bits of circles & brad and the layering ... the colour combo and the overall look n feel. I have not seen the commercial but I definitely Love this card! Woot! Woot! girlie.. have a great weekend. :D

  5. What an elegant card ! Thanks for playing !

  6. Sadly I didn't get even one teeny guess with this card, must be I was darned liberal with the interpretation I had of the Amazon Kindle commercial. Black and yellow, with a fellow playing a sailor, a burglar and a boyfriend, stripes. Cutest ad EVER in my book.