Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Project Tuesday - Folded Paper Frame

Wow - this is so NOT ME. I am not even sure who was channeling me for this one !!

Project Tuesday
has some fun projects a little outside the norm - check them out, you will be intrigued ! I did a diaper fold with them a couple weeks ago, and today is a folded paper frame. Very easy to do, but once again, some precision is required.

Rufina and I are doing tea today at Ruthie B's, a most quaint tea shop (and should probably be spelled "shoppe") and having their famous tomato bisque, egg salad with pumpkin seeds, lemon shortbread cookies and, of course, chai tea !!

Once when we were there our server said "I sure can tell you two have been friends for a long long time." And another time I told Dom I was going to pop over to Rufina's for a minute, and he said "hah, a minute, that will be the day...."

Good friends, what a blessing. I think I will hit my stash and find a perfect love you card for her today...


  1. Love the colours you have on your card. Created frame card
    Caroline x

  2. Hello~ I am new to your blog but it is really nice. Your project turned out quite lovely even if it is not something you would normally create.
    Hope you can follow my blog where I am currently hosting a giveaway in hopes of reaching 100 followers. If interested, see the APRIL 15th post on my blog for details.
    Take care.
    All the best & crafty goodness!

  3. aww.. this is such a great project. Love the love and patience you put into it. Really cool.. Glad you have a grand day with your friend. For me, I get lost in craft shop lol.. most of my friends are working full time... catching up is quite a novelty..

  4. Hi Jan...for some reason Morocco came to mind when I saw this card. Maybe the colors...I dunno, but I like it!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    p.s. I left something for you on my blog today!

  5. Hi Jan,

    I wanted to stop by and say hello. Thank you so much for the lovely comment you left on my blog the other day. I was so happy to meet someone who stops by my blog regularly. I'm so glad that you enjoy my work and are inspired by it. Hope you will keep visiting me!

    Thanks again, your comment really made my day!


  6. Hey Jan! This is beautiful. It made me think of quilting when you mentioned the need for precision cutting. Sometimes it's tough to bet all those little corners to match up. LOL You did a great job with this. I want to thank you for the really sweet comment you left the other day on my blog. There's a little happy waiting for you there. xoxoxo

  7. Hi Jan! This is gorgeous. Love the whole look of it. You did a great job with this week's Project Tuesday challenge! Thanks for joining us!

  8. beautiful card girl :) and your lunch sounds yummy!! thanks for playing with us on PT this week