Thursday, April 1, 2010

365 Cards - REAL recipe

A card to put a recipe in - that is the deal today at 365 Cards.

Now, everyone knows I am not a cook. I can only make three things - ribs, deviled eggs, chicken. Folks get mighty tired of that mighty quick !!

AND I think I only have one recipe - my Italian father-in-law gave it to me many years ago. It is for pizzelles, which are flat anise cookies, they look like a waffle, but thinner and prettier.

So my secret is Costco. It isn't really much of a secret, as anyone who tastes my cooking knows if it is good, I got it somewhere else. Sigh.

My father-in-law died almost 15 years ago. He was a fun guy. I remember he used to ask Brie when she was about 3 "where did your mom park her broom ?" And Brie always faithfully defended me. I miss him for sure. He couldn't say "aluminum." He loved Costco too ...


  1. LOL too funny! well you may not cook but you sure can create fantastic cards girl :)

  2. Jan, that is a beautiful sharing... your card is great!!!.. Love it all little secrets here and there :D.