Friday, April 9, 2010

365 Cards - 5 of everything !

Just returned from vacation at the Oregon Coast, here is a view from one of our windows there.
Isn't it so pretty. The raging wind only rattled our door off the hinges 3 of the 4 nights! Also had a chance to stop in and visit a couple of very cute scrap shops and found some fun things !

365 Cards gave me a spot in their top three last week. How very exciting for me !! It was my first mention, so I was (and well, still AM) pretty stoked. Thank you !!

So here is my returning project, 5 of everything. 5 colors, 5 stamps, 5 different patterned papers, 5 buttons, and 5 flowers.

Pam really stumps us on these a lot, but pulls us into a spot where we aren't quite as comfortable as we might be otherwise. I love that !! While my results may not always be stellar, they are unique !

5 stamps - 4 of them are words, a flower, a happy face, so 6 total
5 buttons - a cuttlebug border, about 15 maybe ?
all the rest are pretty evident.

Have a great day !!!


  1. So sweet your card. Wow.. i love the picture as well.. looks gorgeous.. hmm craft shopping during I would totally do that too.. except that there are less five scrapbooking craft store in Malaysia.. a shame.. if I ever get to US... no lugagge into US for me so that I have all the space lol.

  2. What a great card. I have to agree with you Pam really does try to stump us. But wow look what happens.