Monday, April 19, 2010

365 Cards - Digging Deep

365 Cards wanted us to dig deep into our stash and find particular things...

So here we go !

1) An item that is more than a year old
Not so very hard in some respects since my sis-in-law gave me some ancient paper last year that was given to her back in the 90's. Though, to look at it now, it looks kinda old lady 80's. The two background papers fit that bill. Either paper was really not scrap friendly back then, (difficult to cut without tearing) or it is just OLD. Attaching that top tag to this paper without it ripping was a challenge in itself. argh

2) Something that you were given that you have never used - this could be from a swap or a gift, but it has to have come from someone else. Well the horrific paper I mentioned, and the charm that is actually an earring also came from from my s/i/l .

3) Something you forgot you had. HA! I don't remember what I bought this morning.
The only thing I truly remembered I had was the lavender flower, and I wasn't even sure it was lavender. Every time I begin a card I am in uncharted waters - it is always an adventure looking through my "stuff". Gosh, where are my glasses ??


  1. Jan.. you are hilarious, me too.. reaching there, i have stop my conversations frequently these days coz I cant remember stuff like I used to.
    You have such lovely stuff stashed away.. beautiful embellishments-charms, "Lavender flower" and I love that ribbon.. its like a peek into your stash box. Wonderful.
    Thanks, for your sweet comments...

  2. Jan.. u gotta check out 365cards.. you WON! for all your fabulous white space work.. :D.. wonderful prize too.. Congrats!!!! :D

  3. Once I got finished cracking up, I loved your card! LOL I have some of that "old lady 80s" paper in my stash too. Why can't I get rid of it? {insert major eye roll here} Keep on digging, glasses or all looks great! Thanks for playing at 365 Cards!

  4. Love the soft colors and all the lovely little details!