Sunday, April 18, 2010

365 Cards - Sunday sketch 49

Wow - so this hardly resembles the sketch at 365 Cards AT ALL. What on earth does that say about great minds, except maybe mine isn't one of them !

So for all the rest of you who managed this sketch a little better than I did, great minds think alike must be dedicated to you....

Brie and Jason came to pick up Spencer after their round of golf at Shadow Hills CC - poor Brie shot an even par round, 72, but took an 8 on the final hole. Sad not to crush way down into the '60s for her.

On the other hand, Spencer spent his day with us all talk, some musical numbers (him on the recorder aka trumpet, Pop on the harmonica, me on the kazoo) and lots of laughter. If you haven't had the pleasure of being a grandparent yet, you are surely going to love this experience.


  1. Jan, this card is lovely... I love white, grey and olive ribbon. Sentiment is fabulous. They say it takes a great mind to know the other... for u to choose the sentiment, shows your wisdom :)... love how your day went.. i dont even have kids:(... A good day is always well spent with loved ones and a hearty laugh:D

  2. This card is so elegant Jan. Love it! Is the little piece on the bottom a punch? It's really pretty. No grandkids yet but I'm looking forward to it in the not so far future. Can't wait to be able to be a kid again. :)

  3. Another beautiful card Jan. You just keep crankin em out!!
    Sounds like you had a great weekend with Spencer!


  4. Jan this is beautiful!!! :)

  5. Such a beautiful card! *love it! *

  6. Well, it is a beautiful it!