Monday, April 26, 2010

365 Cards Day 57

365 Cards had us inspired today with an ad, here, that could only make one think of babies ! Not much call here for baby cards any more, but I guess I should have ONE on hand.

I had to stick a turtle on it.

Spencer is one to make anything into a game, and if you aren't vigilant, you are in the midst of a new game without even knowing it. "Turtle" is one of those games. Sigh. It consists of him hiding, shouting "turtle turtle" and one must find him and hoist him up by the shirt.

He also watches the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, where one must holler out "Oh Tootles", only it becomes "Oh Turtles", and oops we are back into the Turtles game once again.

I asked him what he did last week, and he told me "Just hanged out at Mom and Dad's."

Always have Spencer stories on Mondays !!

Enuff ! The repairman is on his way to fix the furnace as we have been without heat, argh.


  1. Ooo.. so sweet.. I love the sentiment. Spencer is your grandson.. he sounds gorgeous :). Yeah.. thinking of getting a job.. or not.. or.. still thinking lol... meanwhile crafting as much as I can.. thanks always for your lovely comment girlfriend :).. have a great week ahead!

  2. Really cute Jan, always love the Spencer stories too!!

    Have a great day, good luck with the furnace!

  3. :D what a wonderful and fun baby card

  4. Just wanted to say I love your card especially the sentiment.
    All the cards make me wish we had a Great store near us (No luck though) have a Great week.
    Hope you don't mind me being nosey?
    Cathy L.

  5. Cute card. Great minds do think alike. lol

  6. cute card. Love the background plaid

  7. Beautiful card, the definition is wonderful.

  8. Love the card, esp. the plaid and the turtle. I am remided of my oldest who ran me ragged with "games" until I needed a nap! He's 18 now...and I do confess that I miss his games sometimes! LOL