Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Papercraft Star 52


Papercraft Star opens its 52nd challenge today with this photo as our inspiration.

Now, this reminds me of the sofas we had in our common area in our dorms when I was in college, in the middle ages.  The boys would have to wait here for us to descend the stairs in our skirts and twin sets, out for the evening, but back by curfew, 11:00.  Can you even imagine ...

We were in the last vestiges of the old world, and on the brink of a new one.

An old Chinese proverb says something like "may you live in interesting times."  The year I met Dom, 1968, was the most tumultuous of all those 1960 years - the death of Martin Luther King, and of Robert Kennedy, the Democratic convention with its massive uprising in the streets, riots all over the country.  Not to mention a terrible war, the older people believing it was just, the younger knowing it wasn't.  Yes, most interesting times.

But of course, we really want to remember the sweetness of it all too - a true belief we could find peace, people reaching out to one another, the thrill of the possibilities.  Today we benefit from that innocent time - greener living, less trash, better knowledge of the world around us, even community farms.  

Well, enough of all my wanderings ....

Cardstock - Coredinations
Design Paper - Bo Bunny
Brads, thread, LOVE charm - stash



  1. So Fun, I love it and I enjoyed the story/history too! Great work Jan! Thank you for your sweet comment, I submitted them to be published per your request... we will see what happens! :)

  2. Peace, love, _____. Umm I think we'll skip that last one here just like you did on the card. LOL That photo inpiration sure did lend itself to the colors of the sixties era. What a wonderful decade! I don't actually remember any of it, but I'll claim it was great cause I was born in it. hee hee Totally fun my friend!

  3. So glad you are staying with Papercraftstar. I enjoy seeing your creations!
    Kindest Regards,
    Jennifer Ferrell

  4. Love that you started with the sofa in the photo and it brought out memories and such a wonderful story about that time. You just put the "inspiration" in the inspirational photo with an amazing creation, Jan!