Tuesday, May 4, 2010

365 Cards - 3 A's

3 A's today at 365 Cards

Alpha sticker

Easy - except I had already done 2 anniversary cards in the past week, and one mushy one.

I looked at today's date on the internet to find some other things to commemorate.

5/4/1970 - Kent State 4 students were killed by the Ohio National Guard. I remember it so clearly. I was 20 years old, and my family was living in Ohio, I sure identified with that one. But not a card sending opportunity.

Then, I saw 5/4/1976 - KISS has their first concert in NYC. Wow, that could be really cool - but hey, I think they were around long before then. Checked it out, and sure enough, that web-site was way way off the mark.

How about AROUND 5/4 ? Well I guess I could send out cards commemorating 5/18/80, the day Mt. Helen's exploded... I have never gotten a card celebrating that, have you ? It could be unique... I remember that so clearly too - we could hear the explosion here, 120 miles away. The ash lingered for months.

BUT in the end, just a you and me card, every day is an anniversary of some sort, isn't it.

I know I did purple and green again - I will abstain the remainder of the month, promise...


  1. Jan...27 more days of no purple is a long time to abstain. I love your card especially the paper you choose.

  2. this is such a sweet card. I love the colour combo.. is there such a thing as abstaining when its celebrating an every day anniversary of some sort in those gorgeous colour, please dont :). love the heart crystal that you have used! :)

  3. Oh but I love purple & green,. Very nice card!

  4. I don't mind purple and green again. Love how you added the glass charm Jan. Sweet card!

  5. Why would you stop the colour combo when it's so darn effective?! Love it - that charm is the bomb!

  6. OK, I will admit - the "glass" heart "charm" is 1/2 of a pair of earrings from the $ store, and I think they were actually 2 pairs for a dollar. I just took the hardware off ... (cheapskate)

  7. way to reuse :) love the color combo!!!

  8. Lovely card... gorgeous colours. Thanx for playing at 365 Cards.