Wednesday, May 12, 2010

365 Cards - Tri Colors

365 Cards
has a tri-color requirement today, along with a stamp. Black and white don't count !

Well, in my mind that is the perfect reason to totally build on black and white.

My three colors are hot pink and red. Ok, that is only two, but I was afraid, since Pam said shades are colors too, that the pink polka dots might be just plain ol' pink and would count ! Or oh dear does it mean no shades at all ? (sort of like the windows here ??) Worry worry, fret fret, oh no. Did she mean don't put shades on the windows, or do put them on, or just mini-blinds? It is all so confusing..........

My first digi stamp, and notice I didn't color it too much cause I have no skills. I used a black circle paper clip for the "key ring". I actually impressed myself with how clever that key ring looks, that is a first ! (it was dumb luck, not artistic skill, believe me)

I broke down and bought myself a Cri-Cut today, found it "buy now" on Ebay. I am sure I won't have to announce when it arrives, there are bound to be cards covered in all sorts of shapes and letters for weeks to come. If I use it half as much as my Cuttlebug, it will be worth it.

Ever noticed how people think you save money on cards by making them yourself ?
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha



  1. Love the Pink and Black together.Lucky you getting a Cri-Cut.I went to a demo for Cri-Cut last month but only stayed about 5 minutes after I found out the price.Card making in Australia is extremely expensive,everything is more than double the price of things in the US.


  2. Hahahahahah! Lady, you crack me up... I do like your clever card, though. That colour combo is very striking...and that key thing, well that was not dumb luck - it's a stroke of genius! :D

  3. Cricuts are so much fun to play with! I held out on buying one for years because of how expensive they were, but I'm glad that I got one for Christmas this year (also on Ebay).

  4. Yeah Jan...welcome to the Cricut side of life!!!!

    Great card...looks like 3 colors to me ;)


  5. Awe man! No purple or green. Guess I'll cut you some slack this time since you made me laugh so hard. I've never tried digi images but I do have a Cricut. I don't use it as much as I should. I don't think we "understand" each other yet. If you buy the right cartridges for it(or actually for YOU) I think you'll really have fun with it. Great card Jan and Kristina's right. I see three colors even with the shades up. :)

  6. hiya... love your sweet striking coloured card. Welcome to the world of Cricut.. I have made only 1 card out of my cricut.. hahahah.. its a year old.. bad me (my life savings there..sigh).. we should motivate each other to use our cricut and cuttlebug.

  7. I loved your post for this card. The key was perfect for your image today! We are a mini-blind family ourselves on all windows:)