Thursday, May 27, 2010

365 Cards - Insects

Insects at 365 Cards today.

I tried to make them nice and friendly, some insects are cute aren't they ?

3 kinds - I used 4, bees, grasshopper, ladybug and butterflies. And I had to use ten of them. It just kinda makes me feel squiggley . . . (would Pam let me get away with just cutting any old thing on my Cricut ? ewww, that even made ME groan...)

The grasshopper came from the Graphics Fairy - I really enjoy seeing what is new there every day, and I often find just the right oddball thing for my cards. The teeny caption there that you will never be able to see properly says "the musical grasshopper."

Dom emailed me this morning and said even he was sick of the rain. If we even think for a moment it may let up in June I recall the first year after Brie was born when it rained every single June day. And not like a shower, then sun, noooooooo drizzle upon drizzle. Personally it never bothers me, but when Oregonians complain I know it has gone on too long.

Ok, now some lunch, then a nap, then something completely frivolous, whatever that may be...


  1. This is beyond awesome!! What a marvelous response to a challenge that has me scratching my head... Love that ol' cricket, and your bee banner is fab!

  2. I think I recognize some Tim Coffey paper and embellies on this card. I have not used one piece of that collection yet and I bought tons of it. Yes, I'm a hoarder. I DO so love the Graphics Fairy blog. I've got a bunch of images downloaded from there just waiting for me to remember I have them. LOL Mr. Grasshopper makes me think of Jiminy Cricket. Thanks for sticking to the "nice" bugs. ha ha Another great card Jan! YAY!

  3. Jan... this is such a fabbie card for super tough challenge. It looks so cool and I have to agree with Carolyn.. the cricket is gorgeous and fun. Wonderful take on the sketch!!! :D