Monday, May 10, 2010

365 Cards - the 50's Decade

Picked up this cute apron template at the Stampers Sampler.

Inspiration from a decade is our theme today at 365 Cards. I know the 1920's was the choice, but I opted for 1950's since I lived it. Plus, that is what inspired me !

I recall Sputnik's trip into space, and a Russian boy in my classroom who knew everything about it. Didn't have a tv until about 1958 or so. My dream was to go to Disneyland, and I watched old Walt shamelessly promoting it on the aptly named show "Disneyland" week after week. I saw Queen Elizabeth when she was a young woman, in our very own city, Vancouver B.C., at a tattoo (a drum/bagpipe military event) in her honor.

Mostly from the 50's though I remember the smell of poverty. It will stay with me forever.

I made this card in honor of my grandma, who wore an apron every day of her life I think. This pattern is exactly what she would have chosen. The ribbon and buttons may be a bit fancy for her taste - but I am sure she would have kept it for a "good" apron.


  1. What a fabulous story to go along with your equally as fabulous card.
    Thanks Jan.

  2. Such a beautiful card, it is really sweet!!!!

  3. I love the apron, Jan. My mom wore an apron and a "housedress" every day until about 1972 - my brothers were in Vietnam and things at home were rough...and she went to work full-time and...turned into a hippie! She began to wear blue jeans and halter tops, permed her hair, and started to wear Taboo and listen to rock music! LOL