Sunday, May 2, 2010

365 Cards - Sunday sketch day 63

Yes, we post them all here folks, the good, the bad, the ugly.

365 Cards had a super sketch today, but I didn't manage it AT ALL. In fact, once the photo was up I thought, it looks like snow, it is supposed to be Thanksgiving, am I totally nuts ? Please say there is snow at Thanksgiving.... Well, maybe this isn't going to stay in the "keeper file" !! lol

Spent the day with Spencer yesterday as his mom is golfing in the Oregon Tournament of Champions up in Portland, and his dad and grand dad were working. Slept like the dead last night...

Spencer "cooked" and served me any number of great meals yesterday. One was pizza, which he told me was half sausage and half pepperoni. He said, "Have some sausage...have some pepperoni... have some half..." Still laughing today.

Check out this video below, it is only 25 seconds, but I guarantee you will like it. Who doesn't love a giggling baby, catching his first football. That is our little Spencer... (who also loves being hit in the head with a ball I might add...)



  1. Your card is lovely, don't be so hard on it!!! And lol, that is one cute and active young man!!!

  2. It's an early snow-storm... hey, they happen! :) I really like the embossed and torn white... looks fab. I might have to lift that little idea :)

  3. I agree, your card is lovely!

  4. Well... if it looks a little bit like snow, so what? The card is still beautiful!

    Have a lovely evening!

  5. interesting card. Yes there is definitely snow up in Calgary at Thanksgiving... BIG GRIN

    Whatever that white thing is on the left hand side, I really like.

  6. woo hoo great catch!!! and your card is perfect :)

  7. well, I love your's wonderful!!

  8. Lol - there is definitely snow in a lot of places at Thanksgiving! Either way, your card is lovely :)