Wednesday, May 5, 2010

365 Cards - 3 W's, & my craft room

After seeing Carolyn's craft room, I thought I would post some pix of mine too.

It is important you know I did NOT clean this up, I manage to have it look like this ALL the time.

To make matters worse, I did not include pix of the other computer in the room, and two closets.

Does this look like something from one of those hoarder tv shows ? Notice I have 365 Cards up on my computer, as it should be ...

So today Pam has us using 3 W's. White, white and wings.

This may be the most versatile card I have made. I think I could use it for almost any occasion, Christmas, babies, weddings, sympathy, Mothers Day ...

So it is all white, except for the image, from The Graphics Fairy, a great place for vintage images if you have not been there, AND a set of wings. There actually are some wings in the image, but only partial ones. I think the angels' faces are so charming.

I think I need to go to the Olive Garden for dinner, don't you ? YUM.


  1. I wish I had that much space for my stuff!!

    Lucky lady!

  2. I wish I had that much stuff!Would have reached for at least a year of scrapping!:-) Dream!

  3. LOL Jan - you crack me up, girl! We have the same craft tables (Costco!) I say, if you ain't craftin' messy, you ain't doin' it right!! (I took the pic of my room right after hanging shelves and organizing - it'll never look like that again!)

    Lovin' the card, too. Great interpretation of the challenge - and you clever girl, thinking of angel wings. :)

  4. Jan.. well.. my craft space.. is just like yours !! lol. I have all the stuff on my right, left, front, back with a small lane to walk.. messy.. messy.. but still wait.. the Beauties that we make from it.. Lovely white card again..

  5. Aahh, how I long for a craft space. LOL I have a craft closet and my crafting is done on the kitchen table. Boy the flack I catch for that one. My daughter told me she knows exactly what I'm going to do to her room when she moves out. She's probably right! ha ha Lovely card Jan. Love that punch. I went and bought it because of your creations. Hugs!

  6. beautiful card girl :) just one question.... how do you decide what to use with so much stuff to play with?? LOL

  7. Love your scrappy space - thanks for sharing! I wish mine looked that good :) Beautiful card!!