Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Papercraft Star 0

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Papercraft Star
is having a warmup sketch this week, prior to their official start up. You can vote for this at their site, if you are so inclined, but mainly just stop over and see what is happening...

I found the sketch to be particularly difficult (for me) and I did go round and round about it. I love the colors, but they are very very pastel, not shades I work with often. Sooooo, just a struggle all around. OK, don't vote for it, vote for someone else, but do drop in for a visit there.

Aren't the little dragonflies cute though ??

Dom and Spencer were playing his favorite game, Turtle, which consists of Dom carrying him by the nape of his sweatshirt. Don't know how it came to be called Turtle, don't know how the game began, but it generates barrels of laughter as the poor child dangles... Finally Dom said, "whew, enough of Turtle, that is the last one" whereupon the child says, "hey, how about a game of Cat?" Which it seems, has all the same elements, but is called by another name...

Kinda makes one think of politicians for some reason ....

Ok, I will be back with a better effort later on today, I hope, if the rainy day nap doesn't bite me first.

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  1. You kill me! LOL I was thinking about you the whole time I was making my card. I was struggling with it too and I had already decided that when I posted it I was just gonna lay it out there like you do and say I didn't like it. You're always so honest about how you feel about your creations. I couldn't make anything work for me today which stunk because I was in the frame of mind to do it and had the time. Oh well. Before I forget, you asked about the musical note on my tag. It's a paper clip. If you have a Staples nearby you can find them there. Aren't they cute! Purple and green--hee hee

  2. What a pretty card! The lace looks great and I love the title.

  3. Love the flower! The dragonflies are cute! Love the lace, it's beautiful!

  4. I don't know what your talking about...I think it's GREAT!!

    You crack me up :)


  5. Your gorgeous handmade flowers are just lovely. I love the lace... nice dragonflies. I still havent use mine yet.. still thinking how to use it.. :).... Sounds like u r having a ball with the little one :D